Thursday, October 28, 2010

who wants perfect wedding ? =P

hahaha, everyone oso want perfect wedding lah ^^ Watched "Perfect Wedding" aka 抱抱俏佳人 today.. hoho, today eng class is cancelled since Bernard is MC =='''
well well, tis mv le, i duno wat to comment, depends on people. For me, its not bad, but not berrry nice dat type lah =P romantic ♥♥♥

The "opening" ~~

Got 2 pretty girls too, Bernice n Kate ^^

Fung in tis mv handsome o ^^ and his name is oso "Fung"

..hmmmmmmmmmmmm..ok lah, dats all i can say about tis mv XD if you wanna noe more, shud go watch watch.. quite interesting geh plot, n fung geh acting, got improve to next level ^^

While wait for mv le, nothing to do.. so go whr? hahaha, go to 'da gei cheung' play play.. noe wat?
i found a NEW GAME le~~ i like it, yeah~~ so fun ..

The game is called ROBOT FOOTBALL ^^
cute cute neh, and control the robot to play.. i keep steal the ball, but too bad ==''' i lose

tis game so syok le, after mv, go play again XD still feel not enuff ==''' maybe nid more time to practice n 习惯 the control sin, next time i wanna win ^^ wait me wait me ~~ i'm coming for you robot football.. hohoho

nice day nice day ^^ ♥