Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fullhouse and really full .. LOL

Today went to Fullhouse @ Sunway Pyramid .. for what? celebrate my mama's birthday! hahaha. so bring her there since that place is special, nice and unique. Love the concept. Ordered a looot of foods, luckily enuff. Here are the pics lah :

From outside, the light is blue geh ^^

Then, change to pink ^^

See the cute statue? haha XD

Cute cute geh plant ^^

The kitchen,so nice..aha

Things from Korea, so cute neh ^^

Beautiful white flowers..

ooo...cutie car oo haha

at last but not least lah, is the place which sell tarts

.. OUR MENU ..

Forest Mushroom soup .. yummy ^^ nice nice

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab ^^

Dory Fish ^^ nice..

Grilled Mixed Seafood.. yummy, got quite a lot seafood ^^

Schnitzel Breaded Chicken Cutlet

Duno wat tart haha ..

Ate till really satisfy and full o. Most important, is enjoy n happy mah ^^ .. yeah yeah

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to honey 生日快乐 ^^

Today is yin honey birthday.. Happy happy ^^.. started in class, start bully her liao.. so "good" neh.. So after today class, we all go Pavilion Wong Kok to celebrate...with KK esther tommy ernest ah gor nikki nic sato cailyn onyong coolman & samantha.. we ordered the huge 奶茶.. Psps ya dat time.. we chat chat, having fun n enjoy.. ^^ We ready a surprise for birthday girl, ah gor bought 1 chocolate cake and before we go watch movie [ 越光宝盒], the waiter bring out the cake lah.. SURPRISE ~ XD we sang birthday song, yeah.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY honey jie ^^..

庆祝之后,我们去看电影 "越光宝盒", 2pm.. 好笑.. 看完了,我们回去家,因为 Yin & KK 还要去其他的地方庆祝.. 真的很开心.. 他们很 sweet sweet neh.. 之后,我们都回家啦..我们也有买礼物给她,叫 KK 给她 ^^.. surprise le? 哈哈 .. 今天,玩的很开心.. 希望 honey 每天都开开心心,甜甜蜜蜜 ^^

P.S: 今天我给不到我的 SURPRISE 给你,所以我答应你的事,我不会不做 ^^ hehe

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

saddddd TT

Haiz.. why sad? Some of you noe lah.. Allergic on my face TT .. So, red red n a bit gatal geh tim.. Sat,when i woke up in the morning, still not so red, just a bit gatal. Tot later will ok geh. But noon and nite time, start become more red n gatal.. >< .. So, on Sun, go see normal geh doctor, give some med n cream. Apply jor, but on Mon, still macam same TT... argh...! Why tis happen on the first day of Sem 3 and skul time le?? Yesterday, i oso no join for lunch, in my heart, i really wan join, but 自己知自己事.. so i back home early lah.. But i really cant tahan anymore, i wan to become normal back ASAP~ i really 没有面见人 TT.. i dun wan ah!! so today i went to see skin specialist, wait for almost 4-5 hours.. so many ppl neh.. the doctor oso said allergic. Gave me some pills ( got 1 type nid eat 10 pills today == ), and cream. Hopefully this can help me. Nn, i oso nid to fast fast recover for 1 occasion le.. (haha)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eclipse.. yeah ^^

wao wao wao... Eclipse will be out on 30th June 2010.. but too bad, in Malaysia, 8th July 2010 only come out >< ... sobs.. a bit late.. definetely will watch bah.. Cant wait.. ^^ hoho

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Percy Jackson ... ^^

Today watched Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief with ernest, tommy, ah gor, yin, KK, Sato and Cailyn at Mid Valley. This movie really nice, its about the demi-gods, means half human and half god. Percy Jackson, who is the son of Poseidon is the lead character. He was suspected for thief of the ligtning bolt. And he need to prove that he's not the one who stole it. And this movie basically show us the journey of Percy, Annabeth ( daughter of Athena) and Grover. Its interesting. Alright, so 5 stars.. haha.. Btw, Percy Jackson or his real name, Logan Lerman quite handsome.. look almost like Zac Efron. The voice, is almost the same either! OMG! He's like the 2nd Zac Efron, well, the younger one of course ^^