Monday, August 18, 2008

woo hoo...HSM 3??

High School Musical 3 really ROCKS my this movie so much..and this time,its going to the big screen..more powerful and greater than the first two movies..Its damn nice. Its premiere on 24th Oct 2008 and i swear that i'm going to watch it..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A great NeWs!!!!!!!

Yahoo....i'm not selected to join the National Service ( PLKN ). I'm so nervous today. First,i checked my IC no. in the website and i'm not in the list. Then,i confirmed it by checking via sms. And,it said "Harap maaf. Anda tidak terpilih utk menyertai plkn sesi 6/2009..i was so excited and happy!!! Btw,i really want to thank god for giving me this good news. Haha

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ok,i've finally discussed everything with my friends. We're going to watch "Rogue" this Sat. I'm the one who in charge to book the tickets..Padmini,Sheeba,me,Hidayah are confirmed bout it. Atikah have her own plan,urm hum....Afiqah is not confirmed yet. But gals,i'm going to book the tickets soon. So, quick...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Year End's Class PartY..

Finally i'm back. Its been quite a long time i'm not writting this blog. Not that i'm lazy,but i'm really busy..Just to tell u guys,our class are having year end's class party at Times Square this sunday ( 16 Aug ). We'll be having our buffet lunch there at a restaurant and until now, still planning for the activities ( at first we planned to go to Cosmo World,but unfortunately some of them or majorities did not agree). However,there are a few of them still planned to go Cosmo World and some planned to watch a movie at the cinema..well, some people rather sit and watch a movie at cinema than playing in the Cosmo World like a kid. Haha,whatever. Now,i'm planning to watch a movie with my friends. A few gals have joined. Maybe Liyana and Eika will joined the guys to Cosmo World. Left Padmini and Sheeba for the decision. Up to you, gals!! What movie we'll going to watch? humm,thats what we still discussing now..i'll announce it this friday perhaps. Hope we'll getting everything done before Sat and last minute work..( coz its really heachache )..haha..even though the "Cosmo World plan" did not work,but it won't stop us from having fun,right??

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

gOOd Or baD??

my mood is not really good now( afternoon ). something makes me feel bad. But, i know it isn't real..haha..i know u dont understand what i'm talking about..Shakespear once said "Nothing is GOOD OR BAD, its OUT THINKING make it so"...i agree with it. Nothing is perfect in this world. No one is perfect. There must something negative bout that person. But,sometimes it gets very annoying. Hope this kind of feeling will fade away very soon. SPM is around the corner and i don't want "this feeling" to be inside of me..

HoW to KeeP a bEautifuL friEndShiP??

Friendships are one of the most beautiful things to happen to human kind. It's wonderful to feel related to somebody whom we aren't related to. Many people find good friends but they fail to keep them. Below are some tips on how to maintain those great friendships you have:

~Be there for them~

Good friends share bad times and no matter the distance or how busy you get, you ought to try to be available for your friends

~Make the first move,sometimes~

Don't wait for your friends to call u. Make an effort to keep in touch with people..

~Don't be a bean spiller~

Do not spill the secrets of ur friends..

~Loyalty counts~

If u are a real friend, you would tell your friend personally regarding the matter and NOT gossip behind her back..

~Allow room for changes~

Allow room for your friend to grow in her own unique way and be supportive..


HoW to KeeP a BeauTiful FriEndship??

Here are some of the ways good friends treat each other:

~Listen to each other~

~Don't put each other down or hurt each other feelings~

~Try to understand each other's feelings and moods~

~Help each other solve problems~

~Give each other compliments~
~Can disagree without hurting each other~

~Respect each other and are trustworthy~
~Give each other room to change~

~Care about each other~

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A bRAnD neW daY..

today,i start my day with a cup of coffee and a Big Apple donut.. its delicious..yum yum.. I read newspaper and watch tv for a while. Then,i went into my room,and here i am,surfing the net and writing this. It doesn't matter what u do,if u feels happy with it,then do it..i don't even know why i said that..haha.., chances doesn't come everytime,if u missed it, thats it. Don't do anything that make u feels regret. Just in case u feels bad, find a friend to talk to ( p.s: u can talk to me..).