Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 ..十全十美 ^^

Today is 10.10.10, nice date huh ? Many ppl marry today, coz nice date n 10 means 十分爱 ^^ duno see whr geh shop got put 十分爱 tis word.. haha, anyway, for me, nothing so special lah.. Just went for steamboat at Ikano lah, 10.10.10, so 'sap har sap har' ? XD hahaha

Before add in anything, it's chicken soup ^^
My chillie and 'jeung'

Ta da.. this is my lamb set .. nice nice

My 十全十美 geh lunch? hoho xD

Those who pak tor-ing and birthday today , really nice ceh.. coz can celebrate birthday n 10.10.10 sekali gus with bf/gf.. then more 十全十美 ^^ not bad.. But people said, its just a NICE date ceh, will 十全十美 n 永远 or not, is depends on the wife n husband oso geh ( those who marry ).. true true
Anyway, even today nothing special happened, but i still enjoy my day ^^ and wish all my frens pak tor-ing geh, 甜甜密密, 开开心心,和珍惜哦。。