Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what a nice day....^^

Today went out relax... after battle for 3 days exam.. hehe
went to watch... SCREAM 4 @@ omg.. never tot i will watch tis mv.. last min plan..hoho
heard other people said tis mv not funny o not scary.. so i tot bariah geh.. but..
every scaring people geh parts, also scare dou me -.- swtttttttt

You will scream!

tis mv can say okok.. not funny,and SCARY.. no wonder its called SCREAM..make my heart also "scream"..
at the end thr, feel quite 'zadou' n unexpected ending .. hehe

then its time for......

starbuckiessss <3

Caramel Macchiato ^^ tis is so freaking yummy!

lunchie at Wongkok.. XP

today feel so relaxing ^^.. if everyday oso can be so relaxing, really so syok ( n oso will pk ).. *dreaming*