Monday, October 25, 2010

Speak now..

Lately searching for new songs, but no new songs let me listen.. so pity
so find find find, finally let me found Taylor Swift geh ^^ hehe, she finally got new album lah, called " Speak Now ".. nice album cover, coz purple mah ^^

The first single, Mine~ nice nice ^^

This song oso not bad ~ her new hair style, but i think its a wig ##

why are you being so mean? hahaha
so... speak now ~~
I love her songs.. coz mostly her songs oso meaningful geh, and got FEEL oso, especially when driving.. coz relaxing n nice songs ~~ make you feel calm n relax ^^
Dl 3 new songs from this album hahaha.. quite nice quite nice.. cont find new songs sin =)