Sunday, June 27, 2010

wow wow.... =)

woohoo.. wow wow wow.. i really love this pic! After Robert Pattinson cut his hair, become MORE handsome and yeng le, omg! like him like him so much xD love his new hair yo! Eclipse coming soon, cant wait o hahaha.. want to see handsome boys and pretty girl.. yeah ~ L.O.V.E this pic

Friday, June 18, 2010

Reply you...J...

看了你的 blog, 我真的知道你的感受... 我也明白,但是我也不能做什么. 现在, 你做什么也没用,最好的是,忘记. 你难受, 还有一个人也会难受.. 我不知道,要怎样对你说.. 可能,很多东西没有原因.. 我自己都不懂.. 你难过,会怎样呢? 会更好吗?不会的.. 不要因为这个问题,让你自己这样.. 如果有用,就好咯. 如果没有用,做什么也没用吗?对吗?所以,Let It Be.. 去想,对你自己更坏的.... 我不懂,你明不明白.. 我要说的,我已经说了... 所发生的事情,已经发生..

如果没有一个人可以跟你分享你的事情,不用担心..还有我,我不会出卖你 ><

J... 不要太难过吧.. MSN got problem, and i noe you will read my blog ( oops) so tell you here.. after you read, no nid leave comment here, can sms terus ah.. >< in eng o.. or msn oso can..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 9 ^^

Day 9
Today our plan is go to the winery ^^ It’s the first time I went to winery and haha, I’m not a good drinker and I don’t drink wine also. Woke up around 8am++ and as usual, made ourself a cup of coffee with the coffee machine^^ and oh cutie Harley, always there with us. Watch us making coffee and on9-ing. So cute, and everytime I also will play with him. So cutie ya babe.. Oopps, I call him babe^^ yeah, he’s my babe.lolz...

we start to go to the winery at 10am++. It took us around 45mins to reach the winery. Our first winery visit, is the Yering Station.

And the feel is so nice, especially the trees. The colour is like redish and brownish, its like the autumn season. And we walk to a restaurant called Chateau Yering, inside geh feel is like England and ancient geh feel. Its like we went to England and the old times. Even the toilet looks beautiful. Ok walk walk walk, its time to go to the place where people sold wines and wine tasting^^ Wow really so many types of wines. From red wines to white wines and cookies, souvenirs, bottle, glass wines, wine holder.. and yup, we went for wine tasting. I had a few glasses, just trying different types of wines. Not bad lah, but kinda smelly for me @@ I don’t really like it, but yeah, trying is good haha. If you don’t like the wines, you can just pour it into a ‘kinda like a bin’ place which is provided.

Feel like England?

Yeah, wine wine xD

So after tried the wines, we went to the other winery. And at the next winery Chandon, is the place we had our lunch lah. Walk and see how the people made wines, and then went for lunch. The scenery is amazing, outside is the winery view. So its feel like a country side^^ we had Antipasto Grande which is served with garlic bread, olive, some meats ( salami, and duno wat other 2 meat’s name) , artichoke, capsicum, onion and cucumber. It’s a new thing, so it doesn’t matter, since we’re trying new things here. Its quite weird, but yummy^^and also we had a braised pork pasta, and its good. Its raining outside and its damn cold.

By the time we fin our lunch, it has stopped raining. And our next winery stop,is the Panton Hill winery. The place looks like Italian style kind of winery. Nice nice ^^ Its really antique inside and it feels ‘italy’. haha..

And later went home, coz later dinner in the city. Its already 7pm++. We’re going to the city, Crown Casino. Wao, casino weh! The Crown Casino parking is full @@ so we nid to walk there, and guess what? its really so cold ah!! HELP! keep freezing when walking time. Have to wear scarf tim. And finally reached Crown Casino, and its like the 5 or 6 stars hotel. So beautiful and grand.

SO many ppl too, especially after we went inside the Casino. And the guard checked my passport haha. Bcoz you nid to be 19 years old and above oni can enter casino geh. Luckily, I kira 19 tis year lah..haha.. Wow! so many ppl gambling and many slot machines too. Too bad, cant take photos inside :( Better don’t start gambling or else I cant stop. After we chose the place, we went out to the waterfront to see the fire, just above the thing. Its almost time, and whoa, there it goes. Fire is coming out from the thing, and its so warm. I’m really cold and thanks to the fire.

Then meet up with Michelle and her friend..Then we're going to a Malaysian Asian restaurant for dinner, so many ppl. All the restaurants here is all crowded@@ so we wait awhile oni get our place. We ordered 1 seafood platter ( prawns, oysters, big prawns, salmons and garlic bread) whereas mine is the lobster set lah. And we ordered hot chocolate oso..Is hot chocolate with seafood quite weird? oh yeah, we just love the hot chocolate here.

Lobster ^^

After dinner, we all planned to have desert at a cafe in the city. wao..Before that, we go n watch others gambling awhile, here got 2 floors geh. Jan tried the 1 cent game slot machine. She put $1 in it, and there’s 100 credits. Play play n try try, then the conclusion is lose lo.. First is win a few cents oni ..So we went back to our parking, omg, when walking back time oso damn cold! woohoo~~ then drive to the restaurant, Chocolateria San Churro. Its like a chocolate shop^^ we ordered a huge Churros Fiesta, which got 18 Spanish donuts and many kind of dips. Which is cream, caramel, choc ice-cream, dark choc, white choc.. Oso ordered hot chocolate, oh yeah,hot chocolate again ^^ yum...

oh,its almost 12am, and the shop is closing. We need to go, so we’re just fin our stuff but we cant. So Jan packed it for Harley. haha. Then its time to say goodbye. Its been a great nite, and i'm really enjoy it ^^ Woohoo, finally its time to back home, I’m quite sleepy already. Reached home after 20mins and I on9. Prepare to sleep first then went into room. As usual, packed a little bit of stuff and I cont on9 till 3.30am. Not bad huh. Its my regular routine anyway ;) so yeah, cont tml ^^ plus its raining outside, its even colder. haha, yeah.. Casino! Lobster!!haha..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 8 ^^

Day 8
Our plan today is going to the zoo, Melbourne zoo^^ Its located near the city and it took us around 45mins to reach there. Its really big! we got a free map from the counter. Took a look, and wow,it’s REALLY a big zoooo @@ Almost all animals are here, and got penguins, kangaroos too. Yeah ~~

start to walk lah, walk walk walk… then stop by a place, its like a Thai village for lunch, so nice drinking hot chocolate in such a cold weather, and the fried rice is not bad ^^ Then,sit down, and have our lunch, Jan brought some miso soup too, and we just put it in the cup and drink it ^^ nice…Since the food in the zoo is expensive and not nice so we bought sandwiches outside. so after our lunch, cont walk everywhere. And the penguins, let it gek sei le…First first went there le, its breeding season, so they oni will come out between 3.30-4.30 for feeding. So we went there at 3.30pm++, tot can see them swim geh. Saw them,so cute n small ^^ but too bad, they’re not going for a swim @@ gek sei ah! they keep going near the water, but no go down geh, ==’’’ keep wait wait wait, omg, still there, macam discussing who go first.. hahaha..

so wait till sienz lo, go back home lu.. Its around 4pm++. We’re going for dinner at Ming’s house. Since its still early, so we went to Melbourne Central for a walk. Shopping awhile and had cupcakes for tea times ^^ yum yumm… Then, shop till around 6.30pm++, its time to go. Head to Ming’s house which is quite nearby. Reached there around 7-ish. We had kinda like BBQ for tonite, they have BBQ steak ( Guess it’s the lamb chop ) – really nice, BBQ sausage ( chicken I guess haha) – yummy as well and potatoes ( yummy umm). We also had veggies salad ^^

I do not have wine since it’s the red wine so I go for the gas drink instead. I duno if it’s a soft drink, its SOLO. Not bad^^ then chat chat while eating. Went out with Michelle to return her DVD and back to dinner. Just awhile and we gtg, coz Stuart nid work tml morning, and its 10.15pm already. So we said buy to each other and Michelle is joining us tml for dinner. So we’ll see her soon ^^ Had a great nite today, with perfect dinner. So head back home n prepare sleep again ^^ nite nite

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 7 ^^

Day 7
Today our plan is go city lah. Woke up around 8am++, then get ready for bfast. Had 1 bread then a cup of coffee. hahaha. Then its time to go city lah, travel there nid around 35-40mins. Yeah~~ finally reached city lah.. go had our lunch at The Coffee Club. Ordered 2 meals and 3 persons shared..hoho. .the meal so big, luckily shared.. This time, I ordered hot chocolate, yummy^^

Hot chocolate ^^

Big breakfast

Lemon Calamari Rings

aftr lunch, go shopping lah, and I heard dou miley cyrus geh ‘Party in the USA’. Wow the feel so nice, but I’m not partying in USA, but AU. lolz..then we go take tram, named City Cycle, its free.

The tram

The tram is old and antique tram lei geh, and when it stop every station, it will say wats dat place and got wat attractions..then we went down at 1 station. so many tall buildings.. and many ppl many old buildings too. macam Europe type of building^^ Shopping and walk everywhere. Weather so cold ah!! Then cont walk to the a ‘lorong’ like dat geh. and we had tea time there. Coffee & brownies. Here give me geh feeling is like in Paris ^^ the view and everything.

After coffee ,we walked to ChinaTown. Not so long oni..Aftr Chinatown, is back home lah, to avoid traffic jam, ppl finish work around 5pm. so better hurry, took the tram back to our car park station thr geh. Quite jam when goin bc time, and I got nap nap tim. Tired @@ then,Jan to dropped us at Safeway and then we will walk around there, and later walk down the hill to Coles.

On the way time, OMG.. so much colder @@ and no ppl walk tim geh,hoho. Finally reached lah Coles, went inside, and see can buy wat sin ^^ This Coles is in Greensborough Plaza geh, upstairs the shopping centre all closed liao, they all closed at 5pm, oni Coles closed at 12am. Aftr tis, went for dinner ^^ at where? haha, is MCD lah, coz here oni got MCD and nando’s. So chose MCD. after dat, on9 awhile, here got free wifi mah. Sumore at here,less people eat geh..Jan said here geh ppl is health-conscious, so less eat fast food …haha..Then later mummy sms to Jan ask her come fetch us near there. Wao, when outside waiting time, shaking cold weh, plus at night tim @@ talk oso susah lah..wait around 15mins,then get in the car, wah..nice.. finally not so cold liao. Then reached home, then as usual geh..then Zzzz...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 6 ^^

Day 6

Today woke up around 8++ . Since Jan went out for interview, we went for bfast our own today. We walked down to IGA supermarket there and around that place got some shops. Its just a straight road, and took us around 10mins walk there. Nice view while we walk. haha. Reached dat place, then look for bfast la. We went to a bakery, and I ordered while mama wait me outside. yeah ~~ can improve my Australian accent lah. hoho.. Then I chat with the aunt awhile, she went to M’sia before geh. And she got asked am I in school or universities, I said universities and then she said I look younger. wao… so happy haha. then chat a bit. Nice o, 1st time spoke to Australian people, yeah ~~

The place where we had bfast ^^

the food not bad.. haha, after that, went to the supermarket just beside us oni. Its quite small, so we just walk around ^^ then walked back home.

On the way home time^^

Reached home then cont wifi lah.. Today we wifi outside the kitchen. hehe, nice o,the feel^^..

waiting for Jan to come back and bring us to DFO, which is direct factory outlet. There got a lot cheap stuff geh. Supposed to reached home at 11.30 geh, but she late coz interviewer long winded, so she 12.15pm oni reached. Then, we go DFO lo.. wah, really big o. Got so many shops there. Branded oso got.. walked here n there, look here n there.

DFO ^^

I went to Converse o, yeah ~~ after tis went for lunch at the food court, we went to a Japanese shop. Not bad lah the food, but so full. haha. Then went to the entrance and wait for Jan, bcoz we all separate liao. Wait awhile then she came, then went back into car and head back to home. Coz later nid go to John’s house for dinner. So went home and get ready sin, I on9 awhile. Until 6.30pm, we start to drive to John’s house. Jan's BF drive tonite, haha.. Then reached liao, wahhhhh..his house so big! wao, go for a tour mah, I think got 3 rooms, 1 huge bathroom, and oso got 1 large garage tim @@ omg, everyone oso said its so big. What a big house, and outside the wind blowing,wow damn cold ah!!

Went back inside then chatting waiting for dinner, all is John cook geh tonite^^ He cooked so many tonite. Starter got tom yam soup and another one is chicken & sweet corn lah. Tom yam soup is really nice n yummy, he cook dou macam M’sia geh tom yam soup^^ jeng ah. Got 2 big prawn tim. And after drink tis still got soup o, the chicken&sweet corn soup..@@ omg.. I ady full jor weh ..after tis still got rice geh ah, main course oso haven’t come.. Main course got veggie with cheese, fried rice ( Indian style ) then chicken and some potatoes/carrots. OMG! so many, how to eat o, so I just took a bit oni. Cant eat anymore, damn full liao. Later still got dessert le, got chips, biscuits, and snacks ==’’’ sorry I cant eat anymore or I really will vomit..@@ hoho.. so many.. Ppl here eat so many, plus they eat the cheese while drinking wine, I see oso feel so full liao, maybe they jap guan the lifestyle here. Chat n watched tv till 10.15pm its time to go back home, since cousin’s BF got work tml morning. So said bye lah. Reached home then get ready to sleep.. haha.. on9 lo.. then Zzzz…

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 5 ^^

Day 5

Yeah,today can wake up late a bit lah.. not so late lah, around 10am ++ oso. Nid pack stuff back to house liao. Pack, clean up the place and all that, until 11++. No time for bfast or coffee tim. Then, go down the beach there, near the house oni geh. Walk to see the big wave, nice view. Saw a lot small shells,so so tiny n cute^^

So tiny ^^

The seashells,tot wanna take some home geh, but inside is ‘sang’ geh. Got things inside geh.. so dun dare.. haha.. after took pics n everything, went back to the car and start drive lah. We went for bfast sin lah, coz nid around 2-3 hours back home. Scared hungry.. We went to Sandy Feet Café.. ordered a ‘Big Foot’ breakfast set and flat white coffee. Here geh bfast set so big, 2 ppl oni can finish. I like the spinach.. tasty.. and the bacon here is PORK geh, not like M’sia geh bacon ^^ yummmmmy…Outside now got sun le, so warm luuu..hehe.

Big le? hahaha xD

Then guess guess where we go next? we went to buy ICE CREAM ^^ yes, cold weather eat ice cream, really jeng lo. My cousin said here geh ice cream is really nice, and a lot ppl will buy. Especially summer time, ppl will queue till outside. So I tried cookies&cream and honey comb ^^ $6.90 for 2 scoops. Not bad o, yum yumm…

After that,its time to continue our journey back to our house. OMG@@ stay in the car for so long again, haha. Then sight-seeing outside, its like country feel. Got forest then cows then sheeps. Its like countryside ^^ nice nice. I listened to my ipod and then later open my laptop, hoho. I really quite mou liu, open the webcam geh thing then take photo. haha, quite fun mah ^^

One of the pic sunny outside @@

Then see see photos, then nap nap like dat. After that, reached home neh..yeah ~~ home sweet home. First thing I do, open laptop n WIFI. Then clean the bag. After, we went for dinner lah. Tonite quite special, we went to a Malaysian restaurant^^ Finally, got Malaysian food eat. We ordered char kuey teow and har mee. Like Malaysia geh, the owner is Chinese. so chat a bit lo. Got guai lou oso. Got 1 just sit beside us geh lah, he ordered 1 big duno wat fried mee, so big,he can finish it. We 3 ppl oni shared the char kuey teow and har mee. The prawn quite big^^ And that guai lou handsome o^^ omg@@ but too old bah.. I want younger geh, hoho xD enuff enuff.. We had Chinese tea here.

Har Mee

Char Kuey Teow

After that, went home. Bath then on9 awhile. Go out and chat with cousin n her BF, and I play with the cutie doggie. I had hot chocolate again, made ourself geh. It’s the 3 in 1 packet, plus milk, and put some marshmallow in it. yum yum.. Then I feed the doggie, 1 biscuit and some almonds. Wow, geng ah him. I throw the almond he can catch it. So fast! Really cute.. Usually before that, we will ask him sit, then shake oni give him the food. And say gentle oso. Later, Jan showed us some pics where she n her fren go dig gold ( guat kam). Wow, really got gold but just gold powder lah. haha so easy got gold meh.. haha..i went back to room first, coz quite tired, then on9 till 3am++ again .. syok o @@

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 4 ^^

Day 4

Woke up at 8am today.. first morning at the holiday house^^ Woke up, n prepare then wow, saw the sea view. So nice, just woke and the sea is outside oni. Air so fresh..Then, my cousin n her bf made pancakes. Got jam, butter or honey. I put honey n jam..haha. They all ate 3 pancakes, but i eat oni 1 and half jek.. coz ady full and enuff .. LOLZ.. Before bfast, go out balcony to say hi to parrots^^ yeah,my new fren.. I no feed them, not enuff time,so i just put some seeds there,let them come ^^ Their colour so nice and got few types. And see them so near ^^

What a good morning ! it

Yes cutie, what do you want? coffee? hahaha..i fed him pancake o

My new fren, pinkie... since the colour is pink so pinkie lo ^^

So after done everything, we start to drive to Cape Otway Lightstation. Bought tickets at information centre for $14.50, its cheaper. Need around 1 hour to drive there, to see the lighthouse. When going there time, go n find koala bear, but its wild geh. Maybe will attack if see human. Hoho, let us see dou so many. Some sleeping and some eating. So fat and cute! And they can ‘berak’ while sleeping geh neh, geng lo..

Thats the lighthouse ^^

Saw a lot cows ..Then drive drive drive and park our car lah. Guess what? SO COLD! omg! I cant stop freezing.. Walk n took pics, n see the sea and mountains. The view is really great here, everywhere. Plus the air is really fresh. Then saw le, the lighthouse ^^ go up n took more pics. If you ‘wai gou’, better dun go outside, coz quite scary n high. And the wind blowing so strong, you maybe will feel like you wanna fall down tim. hahaha. After visit lighthouse, we went to a café near there oni. I NEED COFFEE N HOT HOT GEH THINGS AH! My hand wanna become ice liao.. We ordered hot chocolate ( yummy..) and ate 1 egg+potato+cheese+pasta geh omelette. Nice o, so tasty ^^ Outside rain a bit tim, gek sei. So cold geh lah, rain sumore. So wait till warm n stop rain, we went back to car park. Done lah, our next stop is The Twelve Apostles. Go there to see the interesting rocks and sea view.

Twelve Apostles, got 12 rocks geh, now left around 6 oni

That’s the tourist attraction, so will saw many tourists. And drive there, need around 1-2 hours bah. Quite long time. I so tired till sleep in the car, but just nap bah ..Wow, at this place, walk le almost half day ..So many places to go, so seriously, 1 day oso not enuff.. so we saw huge rocks n walk here walk there, enjoy the beautiful view. Bought a cup of cappuccino oso ...really cant tahan, nid hot drinks. And this time, I need wear coat oso le, really DAMN COLD than other places. Coz its near sea oni, and whenever the wind blows, you will woooooo… freezing and hand froze. I freeze a lot.. @@ LOLZ.

Hot drink time

Then drive to every part around this area, n go down enjoy the view. We went to Loch & Gorge, London brige and blowholes.

Loch & Gorge, love this place..^^

London bridge, the middle part there no more, coz fell down liao

Blowhole, if the wave big geh wah, the water will come up.

That 3 places oso got interesting story, quite meaningful ^^ Went to Port Campbell for lunch, fish n chips AGAIN == here, many places oso got fish and chips, so popular here. Bcoz at here, everything is fresh. And the fish n chips here is not like M’sia use geh fish, its shark’s meat. WOW! The meat, honestly, smells fresh&yummy and delicious. haha..

ok lah, done our trip for today. Almost sun set, will get colder so better back home lo. Here around 5, we start to go back to the holiday house, but ady start to dark. 5pm here is like 7pm is M’sia .. So reached holiday house around 6.30pm, outside is like 8pm in M’sia. So cham, so fast dark here.. Wait cousin cook spaghetti,hehe. Then I play with the dog, duno why, I feel I like it liao. Actually he’s so cute le, ‘handsome’ oso. When eating time, he will look at us and wanna eat some oso geh. He always hungry, everytime oso want eat. Got few times he manja with me n look at me, like he’s begging me to give him food @@ his ‘ngan shen’ really cute, hehe. But sorry, I cant give food to him. My cousin n her bf said dun choi him. haha. After dinner, I play with the dog lah. I no scared it liao lo, dare to order him to ‘sit’, ‘drop’ and then I said ‘good boy harley’. Yeah ~~ I succeed, love him love him ^^ cute doggie ya. Watch TV awhile, then made hot chocolate. Here geh hot chocolate really yummy. Then go to balcony n see stars while drinking hot chocolate, jeng ah ^^ got a lot stars le, almost whole sky oso full of stars. So nice o.. then watch tv awhile again, after dat, prepare sleep lo. Prepare jek,nt yet sleep oso geh. Haha. still early mah. Tml back to cousin’s house lah, means can WIFI lo. hehe, okok. That’s all today, update tml ^^

Day 3 ^^

Day 3

Since yesterday slept at 3am++, sumore I nid wake up today at 8am .. not enuff sleep, quite hard to wake up, but no prob for me, I sure can wake geh.. haha.. Nid wake early coz today nid drive about 3-5 hours to her BF’s family geh holiday house,stay for 3 days. hoho. nice lo.. wake up n drink coffee, today is her BF made for us geh ^^ chat chat n play wit dog, then prepare out lah. Coz nid 3-5 hours oni reach there, so nid go early. First go to a royal military base at Point Cook, to find John. Actually planned he will take us fly today,wit his small plane, coz he train ppl geh. But today cant .. nvm lah..while waiting for him to join us to the holiday house, we went to RAAF museum. This museum is about the history of royal military in Melbourne, and how they get ready for war. Its all about war geh bah. Quite interesting oso.. Got a lot airplanes, REAL geh, last last time they used for war, wat model oso got. And real size geh tim hahaha.. Took photos ^^

and walk around, then John done his work. He follow our car to the holiday house, but before we go, we go MCD drive-thru buy something eat sin. Scared will hungry later bcoz after 1-2 hours oni will stop at Lorne for lunch. So eat fillet o fish here first. Here geh MCD so nice neh, got cappuccino , latte geh. N they will ask how many packets of sugar you want, they will put mai for you geh le. OMG@@ so good service ^^ I love it! haha. Cold weather mah, so eat 1 hot & fresh geh fillet o fish, plus wit 1 hot geh cappuccino, WOW, jeng ah ^^ Then around 2pm ++, reached Lorne, here geh view so nice. We went to a restaurant for lunch, when walking thr time, the wind blow, freezing. oh yeah, n oso got a bit rain. DAMN COLD.. we ate some chips n drink hot coffee ^^ nice o. Then continue our journey to Great Ocean Road, this is where her BF’s family holiday house located lah. Travel there nid more 2 hours. So inside the car, look outside n enjoy the view. Cant wait to see the sea here, bcoz its so nice geh view. So after 1 hour like dat, yeah ~ I saw the sea! wow.. the view is amazing.

Got so many wave bcoz the wind quite strong, and cold oso. Stop aside and take pic lo. Wah, when out from the car, macam air cond.. no no.. shud say more cold than air cond, plus the wind keep blowing, really freezing. After took pic, faster faster went bc to car lo..hoho. Then reached the holiday house around 4.30pm, I love it bcoz tis house got sea view ^^ can see the sea every morning. Btw the house here so beautiful. hoho.. we reached here ady at nite, here 5.30pm ady dark dark macam 8pm at Malaysia. We stayed at upstairs with John, got balcony geh le & the couple stayed downstairs with the dog.. At nite, can go out the balcony, sit n drink hot coffee/chocolate while seeing the sea. WOW ^^ But when I go out to balcony, awhile jek ady freezing, I nid go bc inside. Hehe.. for dinner, John and cousin’s BF go out buy dinner.. fish n chips again. Got calamari ring, scallop and prawn, chips n hash brown. Not bad.. yummmmy.. tis time is John treat us geh ^^ he really nice. They oso had wine, but is red wine. I no drink bcoz smelly for me. hahaha.. So I just sit there n chat chat. Later I had my hot chocolate ^^ here geh hot chocolate very nice. Then watch tv, and chat again. N got play with the dog oso, he very manja geh.

Chat until around 9pm, I go bath. Then everyone start to sleep liao, tired.. so we oso prepare to sleep. Of coz haven’t sleep yet lah, still early for me haha. So still can watch Fung Fung drama episode 3 & 4. But here no wifi, cant on9 wuwuwu..

Day 2 ^^

Day 2

Today woke up around 8-9am ( Melbourne time) … coz later nid bfast and go SHOPPING luu..yeah ~~ Woke up, then relax a bit then ready for bfast.. My cousin’s house got coffee maker, so she made 2 cup for me & mama.. not bad.. so cold, drink hot coffee really nice..hehe ^^ I ate a bread then we start drive to town. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant for Vietnamese noodles.

Yummy yummy ^^ really nice wor.. She recommend geh. And guess wat, at there I gam ngam saw dou Big Big World geh mtv,when eating time. wow, cant believe will hear dou le. Hohoho.. So after our brunch, our cousin bring us to factory outlets, place where sell cheap things geh.

The whole street oso sell cheap stuff n branded geh tim, such as Nike, Adidas, Quicksilver, Converse, and more more. I went to Converse tot wanna buy shoe, but too bad, dun have the pattern I want..So go Nike bought a sport shoe, $60, actually duno cheap o expensive^^ LOLZ.. then then,. we go shopping at Greensborough Plaza, tis shopping centre near our house oni.

Walk walk walk, see see see till around 7pm I think, then my cousin asked her bf to book place at Italian’s restaurant, called Cellini. This restaurant very popular geh, so she said no book geh wah, no place.. wao..

White wine ^^.. not bad lah.. make me 'heng' geh

Pizza 1

Pizza 2, see the big prawn? haha

Fresh oyster, yummmmy

We ordered 2 pizzas, 1 plate fresh oyster and oso 1 bottle of white wine. The pizza is very delicious, oyster is so fresh n nice oso ^^ and yeah yeah ~~ I drank 3 half glasses of white wine ^^ wow, I nid to learn to drink oso and her bf ask me try. so I try till cant stop ><’’’ its like “hei shui” but just will sour n sweet. Not bad lah.. alchohol is 7.5.. duno why, after drank,later I got feel ‘heng’, luckily no drunk o feel wanna pengsan jek. When in car, I feel dou got heat on my body n head.. can say good, bcoz outside so cold, so a bit ‘wan luen’. hahaha.. and its her BF treat us geh tim ^^ So reached home lah.. Sleep? NO WAY! hoho.. wanna noe why? Her bf gave me the code for WIFI, so I terus go inside room n FB/MSN ^^ so happy le, finally can on, chat and upload pics. So I on till 3am++ lo. 3 days will no online mah, so on9 long a bit, nvm geh. I can tahan xD. hahaha.. syok ah…Plus, at noon oso got go McD here use the WIFI, but awhile oni.