Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spirited Away

today suddenly saw Astro got show this movie.. so i watch this movie during breakfast ^^
i watched this movie before when i small time.. but that time is cantonese version la..
this movie really nice one.. even tho the "spirits" n "monsters" a bit weird XP

aww..Haku <3 i love yeng

Chihiro & Haku

this monster so weird.. keep follow her..

this moment make me wanna cry T.T

i love Haku as dragon oso.. like like like

and dat 2 cuties made me smile.. cutie..n noob har noob har XD hehe

this is the GOOD granny.. i feel she quite horrible too.. too big like a giant..hahaha

Thursday, January 19, 2012

a little thought..

Don't hate too much and forget the pain..
this sounds difficult or probably IMPOSSIBLE for someone..
but why do you still HATE? whats the point? no point of hate anymore..
it only makes you feel hard to carry on yr life..
its yr life anyway.. so why dun make it happier? it deserve to be happy..
try to put the burden down.. if its too heavy, ask someone to help you too ^^

im glad things happen the wrong way at the beginning..though it take some hard times to make it through, but.. its kinda worth it..