Sunday, October 31, 2010

explore explore ^^ Sunway Giza

lalala ~~ actually,I got another hobby oso geh, dat is explore new shopping malls lah XP
so so so, dat day at wong kok lunch time, saw they oso got outlet at Sunway Giza, then ask mama where is it~~

then then then, today go to EXPLORE it XD got new place to shop o, so happy ^^ many pics let you c c ~~ enjoy it =)

ta daa ~~ Sunway Giza ^^

nice boh?

my lunchie @ Madam Lim's

I like this~~ XD beer factory.. at nite oni open geh.. duno wat its like inside

hehe, its desert time at Fullhouse ^^ looks so nice from outside..

Pinkie car

Tis is my desert ~ It's my halloween day desert XD brownie + ice cream.. jeng ah..yummmyyyyy

白咖啡 .. white coffee

The cashier.. so white @@ haha, but not bad

lalala ...

i like Fullhouse ^^

... after my lunchie n desert time le, go walk walk.. Here, berrry less shops geh, mostly is restaurants @@ so many choices n types of foods..

i like the WHITE piano ^^ quite yeng..

after walk walk n stuff, passed by a bakery shop.. guess wat i saw?? yeah ~~ its the cutie lil cupcakes ^^ too cute le, so buy it bc home ^^

ta daa ~~ my cutie lil cupcake ^^ so cute rite? i a bit mm seh dak eat it @@ n i love the choc one..others oso nice

happy day ^^

okie okie.. dats all for today.. My halloween day is happy o XD hope to explore more SOON ~~ wait me wait me..