Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gamble? Mahjong? Its FUN ^^ wahahohe

Today, so happy also. haha, around 2.15pm went to Tommy's new house at Puchong, bandar puteri there. Yin, KK, tommy, ellip & Nic reached there first, thn me ah gor & ernest oni reached. haha, we not sure how to go there, but finally reached oso. hahaha.. ^^.. Reached there oso around 3.30pm.. Wah, today got play gamble & mahjong. I duno how to play, but i want and can learn geh..hoho.. First, tommy me yin KK ah gor ellip ernest & nic play gamble first. First first, i didnt play bcoz i still learning from ah gor, thn later, omg, start play money. N, i oni play rm0.50. ok mah..still learning..hehe ^^.. play dou so fun le.. while drink Shandy.. wow.. so enjoy. Gt play rm0.50 n rm1, but i play more rm0.50. I dun wan lost so many $$..haha, win more lose less mah.. lik dat oni gooood ^^ at beginning, me quite lucky geh.. win quite a lot.. haha, maybe beginning is lik dat, but then later, me quite cham oso >< .. Thn, later ah sum oso reached n joined us. We all play together. Thn later, KK ernest & ah sum go play mahjong, and the rest play gamble. Everyone play dou so excited & happy. So nice ^^.. me & yin each rm0.50. hoho, duno why, when ah gor become 'cong' time, me yin & ellip lose a lot =='''.. really neh, when tommy become 'cong' time,we not so cham geh le, win quite a lot tim ><.. swt.. so better let tommy become 'cong', let him bankrupt.. wahahaha.. like to see when tommy's money become less less less... A lot funny thing happened today.. especially ellip talking to the 'fat choi mao'.. haha ^^
- haha, this pic so funny le? Yin ah yin, why playing with the snacks? haha -

so, around 6pm, everyone back home. Nic nid go home before 7pm, ellip & ah sum oso. So we all plan to go Yin's house at 8pm. And i go home dinner first.. ah gor oso.. Ellip ernest & tommy go eat steamboat dinner.. thn around 815pm ah gor came fetch me, but plan changed. Yin & esther went for dinner with esther's family, so cnnt go her house first. So, we all go to Ernest's house wait for yin them. Around 8.50pm, everyone reached lah. We play mahjong n gamble again.. omg, i really play dou sheung yan jor... cham lo.. rm0.50 again.. this time, play with ernest's sis, she so funny le.. fun playing with her ^^.. Play play play till 9.50pm, i gotta go home jor. I nid back home before 10pm, house gt guests neh..><.. so, cnnt play jor. I still wanna play le, haha..maybe next mon can play again gua... after study.. ^^ hehe.. So i back home luu... Then, ernest ellip ah gor tommy went to yin's house for gamble + mahjong again..haha.. sad neh, cnnt join them..sobs sobs..esther got tim.. nvm nvm, sure gt next time geh ^^ now i'm waiting again..GAMBLE GAMBLE mon.. hoho ^^ come come come..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY celebration @ 1U

hoho.. i wait le quite long for this day.. CNY celebration with frens. We all went to 1 U. Got go geh is me, ah gor, tommy,esther, yin, KK & onyong. wow, 7 ppl.. haha.. So, who fetch who is --> Ah gor fetch me, tommy fetch esther, KK fetch yin and Onyong go by himself. We planned reach thr around 10am, so all must out at 9am. But tommy sleep late jor, when he sms me time, already 9am >< .. Actually i oso a bit late, around 10am oni out, because i ter-late. haha. I forgot the time. So, the weird thing geh is.. Tommy esther & me ah gor reached GSC almost same time. Cant believe tis time esther no late ^^ .. KK & yin queeing to buy tickets, we need to separate to 3-4. because no place... and the 1st movie is 11am..Below are our shows lah...

Our 1st movie - 72家租客 11am

Tis movie, i watched le 2nd times, but still so nice n funny geh wor.. haha.. i love this movie. And i love bosco with Stephy. not bad huh... i give this movie 10 stars.. i watched twice so 5 + 5 hahaha..^^

Our 2nd movie - 花田喜事 1.15pm .

Just after 72家租客, we straight away go watch this movie. haha.. This movie funny geh is Koo Tin Lok and Ng Kuan Yu.. omg, got rap and musical a bit tim ^^.. i give this movie 5 stars oso..

Our 3rd movie, 锦衣卫 2.20pm

We missed about 30 mins of this movie, since the time gt a bit prob. But nvm, still ok geh. Donnie Yen yeng in this movie. And Tsui Ji San, omg, so yeng le.. and and, Wu Zhun, haha..1st time saw him lik dat.. ^^.. Tis movie quite interesting since gt story plot. At the end, Donnie Yen and Tsui Ji San died together =='' a bit cham... so also 5 stats bah ^^

okok... FINALLY we got some times for meal lah. omg, so hungry. everyone oso hungry. We go here n there,still cant find a place to eat. Duno eat wat...walk walk walk, we go inside T.G.I.F.. wao, nice place le.. luckily yin & me shared the set ( 1 appetizer and main course rm29.90 ), because really a lot....><.. Guys can eat geh, but girls macam too much. The appetizer, fried mac n cheese, ngam ngam enuff.. Then the main course, is big chicken's drumstick.. omg, we eat eat eat till full jor. Everyone oso share each other geh food, got salads & chips. Nice le, and everyone so happy..we chat chat laugh laugh.. nid a break sin, drink some warm water and pineapple frenze. Ok, cont eating bah.. ^^.. I keep give to yin, but she oso macam very full i eat a bit oso. swt... so funny... and gt test the cocktail, not bad.. jz a bit suen.. haha, onyong finally beh tahan, still got some chickens waiting him, but he no eat. so cham..pity pity onyong..hahahaha.. after dinner, yin & KK go home, bcoz yin nid bai nian. So others cont 4th movie.
Our 4th movie is 大兵小将 7pm

ah, tis movie at first first oso quite boring, no no, is boring.. tommy oso sleep at first, me cant sleep bcoz i scared tiba tiba the sound/music scared dou me. haha, so better dun la.. dun wan others laugh at me.. hoho.. actually tis movie, erm how to say le, got story plot geh, but maybe not for me to enjoy it. so, boring.. in my mind, i keep ask " when fin le? when fin le?", bcoz boring geh movie, i hope can fin fast.. haha..

After our 4th movie, they planned to watch another movie geh (OMG..still can watch ah?).. but then esther geh online's fren wan fetch her back home, n reached jor tim. She afraid to go out from toilet oso, LOL ^^.. so we accompany her to wait for her online's fren.. swt.. she called him about 3 times jor, and ask whr are you ah, and where i am ah. haha.. so finally, HE appeared lah.. hoho, see dou him jor.. then esther follow him.. left geh is me tommy ah gor and onyong. They discussed whr to go n all dat, since i nid back home geh. BUT..when i tell my mama time, i'm going home geh la, she said no go out for supper? ..OMG, i'm so surprised and cant believe that she will let me go out till so late... Thn she ask me join them yam cha, once a year neh, n oni nid bc before 12am. WOW! so lan dak geh chance, sure soooo happy mah.. hahaha.. unfortunately, yin n esther no join us ><..So we all go near LM geh 'tan cha house'..

Onyong duno how to go, so we try to ask him follow our car, n tommy will wait us at BHP station thr. But onyong go wrong road liao, so he said dun wan, and go home. Actually ah gor oso took wrong road, and we saw onyong geh car! haha...called him n ask him follow our car again.. haha.. thn after 5 mins, he called ah gor n said dun wan, bcoz his mama ask him go back..=='''.. haha.. so he no follow us lah. We reached tan cha house around 10.30pm. I ordered coffee milk, tommy is milo n ah gor is cappucino. We chat chat, and i go wifi awhile since i no on9 the whole day mah ^^.. hehe.. we stay thr till 11.30 thn back home la.. reached home at 11.45pm, haha. still gt 15 mins. So bath thn sleep. But, i duno why quite hard for me to sleep tonite. Issit bcoz too tired o still excited? haha, its still excited dou cant slp.. haha.. I wish next time, my mama will so good again! n i wan to out dou so sot oso.. hope it coming soon..wahaha^^

Friday, February 12, 2010


Chinese New Year almost here! A bit excited le, for ang pao. hmm, hope can get a lot $$$ this year ^^.. Tml will eat tuen yuen fan, will get ang pao. And first day of CNY, go "bai nin" oso will get ang pao. haha, later go frens's house, oso will get ang pao. wao ^^ .. hehe, so here, i wish everyone a happy + wonderful + properous + unforgettable CNY with family & friends. N also to those who balik kampung geh ( lemon didi, nikki, cailyn, .... , eh..i forgot who got balik jor, psps. haha ^^ ), wish you all safe journey o ^^.. To all my lovely friends, here wish you all 新年快乐,万事如意,身体健康,笑口常开,虎年行好运 .. ^^

New Year means new beginnig .. everyone enjoy ya.. ^^

~ 大日子 一个好开始每一步 有梦有坚持 这条路 只要有付出 走一步 每一步 不怕输 ~

haha, this one random add only ^^.. hehe

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shopping Shopping Day ^^ really really happy. erm, i think i better write in English coz more faster. If chinese, scared will take a longer time to post.. ^^.. and i too happy liao, dun wan waste time. hahahahaha.. So straight away write bah. Erm erm... how to start le.. today, me, lemon didi, ah gor, tommy & Melissa C go shopping shopping at 1 Utama ^^ Ah gor & lemon didi go breakfast sin, then oni come fetch me coz i eat at home. Thn thn, we macam take the wrong road to 1 Utama, so nid to U-turn. hahaha. we reached 1U around 11.55am. Reached le, we all shopping first. In Parkson, the shop all dark dark geh, macam not yet open, quite scary, but lemon didi macam more scared than me. LOL ^^.. walk walk walk, then meet with Tommy + Melissa C. Then we go Drangon-I for lunch. We ate Siu Long Bao, and ramen. Nice le, we sit at the table macam 1 family. this one is Tommy say geh. hahahaha. After lunch, its time for....................... SHOPPING!! We went to a lot shops. Let me tell you 1 by 1. Erm, first, we all went to Padini Authentic ( me & tommy geh fav ^^ ). There, lemon didi bought shorts, Melissa C and me bought clothes. All thanks to Melissa C, coz she chose it for me geh. New style ^^.. rm49, okoklah, not very expensive mah .. Later, we went to Converse store, Tommy n Melissa bought shoes. rm119 ++, haha. i saw 1 nice nice geh, gt star geh tim..but i no money le, if buy that one. swttt ><'''.. Thn, walk walk walk.. Me, lemon didi & tommy oso start tired liao. Find place to sit. haha.. so funny. Lemon didi wanna buy shirt, so Melissa help him find find. She gt good taste mah. Find le so many places, still cant find. So, me, tommy & ah gor go to Chocolate Lounge for coffee. hehehe,so comfortable, finally can rest rest luuu ^^. what we ordered? hahaha.. see the pictures lah..

This is mine geh la.. capuccino (rm 8.90), yummy yummy ^^.. delicious..haha

Tommy geh honeydew tea ( rm9.90 )

Tommy with his honeydew tea ^^ hahaha

Ah gor geh latte, got love shape geh.. swt.

Nice le... so nice geh place + so nice geh drink = PERFECT. especially after so long shopping n walk walk, finally can sit down n relax. Me + tommy + ah gor chat chat, and a lot funny things come out ^^.. Why lemon didi n Melissa not with us? hahaha,they said will join later geh,bcoz they went to find lemon didi geh shirt bah. But after 30 mins no see them come, so tommy call them... swttttttttttt ==''', they shop till LG floor liao. wonder no join us lah, busy shopping o ><..hahaha.. we all continue for 30 mins oni go find them... Melissa also nid buy shirts for her bro. Shop awhile, we all balik luu ^^. lemon didi wanna buy breadstory, so we went thr first. And when we pass by a shop, haha.. saw tommy n melissa thr. so we go see see. Around 6pm ++, done lah. All balik ^^.. Wah, going back time, everywhere jam like hell. OMG >< .. i reached home also around 7++ .. ^^ .. but i really happy today ^^ my CNY shopping haha.. hope can shopping again like tis .. soon.. ^^

Saturday, February 6, 2010


今天觉得我不是很记得路的人 >< .. 我本来都不是的啦, .. 哈哈哈哈.. 我想去 Jusco Balakong 买 CNY clothes 的吗,我去了3-4次,还不记得这条路.. 我是带我 mummy 去的,所以有一点觉得我无用.. 我带错路哦,我们要 make U-Turn. 终于,我看到了 Carrefour 的 Signboard, 跟那个 signboard 走, 哈哈 ^^.. 到了 Jusco Balakong 啦.. 回家的时后,也是走错路哦.. 去了我也不知道的地方.. psps.. ><''' 是因为我的错误.. 走走走.. 终于找到回家的路啦. 哈哈.. 今天教了我,一定要记住路哦.. ^^ 哈哈哈

Monday, February 1, 2010

想起你 ...

我听了 “下一個天亮”, 为什么我还记得这首歌? 很简单.. 因为这首歌是你喜欢的. 我还记得, 我们 on the way 去看电影的时后,你重复 play 这首歌,重复到我很记得.. 如果不是你, 我不知道,你喜欢这首歌.. 让我每次听这首歌,我会记起这个回忆.. 当你在的时后,我没有appreciate 这首歌.. 现在你不在了,我每次听这首歌都会想起你 ^^ 这首歌是你给我的一个好好的回忆.. ^^