Saturday, October 9, 2010

Going KL..

Tonight go to KL for dinner lah.. haha, mama said wanna eat 'kong nam' mee.. so me, mama n popo go KL eat, coz dat restaurant quite popular geh.. 1st 1st le, is go to a shop selling many cute things geh.. named HAPPY PLANET ^^ go inside, 人都开心点??haha.. really many things see, omg @@ see dou ngan dou fa.. and i found tis cutie

cute boh? its a cupcake keychain.. but the expression so cute..blek xP

Aftr walk walk liao, n mama bought things, walk to the restaurant lah.. BUT, when walking time, i saw a pet shop, so ask mama go inside.. ^^ n i saw my fav dog.. then i saw got bear bear look geh dog.. small small geh.. It eyes looks like so cham geh, macam asking you to buy it back home xD and and, when i walk near it, he/she will come near to me oso.. so 'teh' le.. and so damn cute.. psps, i duno it is male o female, coz no write @@ so i called it 'IT' better haha..whenever i go near it, it will fast fast run to me geh..cute dou.. hmm, then gtg le.. so said bye bye to IT, and really feel 'mm she dak' geh.. wuwu, but no choice, just said bye bye and walk away..

Wat we had for dinner?? It's............

Fried Udon Mee with black pepper ^^

'Kong Nam' mee lah ^^ yum yummmm.. got many sotong, n 1 big prawn
wait quite a long time, coz many ppl, and dat time dinner time neh.. saw many 鬼佬 tim.. saw 1 鬼佬 eat behind me, but he not drink chinese tea, but drink beer xD not bad ya..haha..while waiting for the food to come, took a pic

sienz le, while waiting, so took this pic, since around us, oni got this place can let me took pics ceh..haha.. aftr eat, then went back home lah ^^ nice nice dinner