Thursday, July 31, 2008

A swEet meMorY....

Haha..finally,i got my "long-lost" friend back,Padmini. I cant imagine how simple it was. I always said to myself that its impossible for me to have her as my friend back bcoz it's been 1 year and 2 months we doesn't talk to each other. I feel uneasy sometimes coz we're best friend since Form 2. She's someone i cant forget..i saw her everyday in my class..i can see her laughing,making jokes and spend times with her friends..but the worst thing is,i cant share it with her. I cant talk to her!! Its very uncomfortable.. I saw her everyday but cant talk to her??? u wont understand me coz u are not me. Believe me..if u were me,u did the same thing. It has been a burden to me since last first,i try to talk to her bout this.. But,bcoz i'm too EGO,i'm afraid to do so. So,i did not take any action till 30 July 2008...finally,i cant take it anymore and try my very best to confront her..THANKS TO HIDAYAH, AFIQAH, and ATIKAH for helping me out. Wihout u guys,i cant make it. It's around 11.50am when i talk to Hidayah and Afiqah bout my problem with pad. Then, i have a "counseling section" with both of them..they asked me to do it before its too late. Yeah,u both are right bout it. Thanks for all your advices. Haha..there are only 5 mins left before our BI teacher come,afiqah called pad to sit in front of me..i'm trying to say something from my mouth..oh oh, Pn. Selva has came in. So,all of us dismissed for a while. We wait for 45 mins. Then,at the end, Atikah called pad to sit beside me. Wooo, i'm so nervous ( p.s: HELP ME GOD!! )..later,she sat beside me. We didnt talk for about 10 mins..maybe both of us are nervous..Then, " Afiqah to the rescue!!".. i called her to help me. She help me to say something to pad. N,from there, i talk to pad word by word.. She talk to me too..later,everything is fine. We talk to each other then.. We laugh too. Haha..its funny right?? Haha..The bell rings and its time to go home. We said bye and go home. Huh,it made me feels so relieved and finally my BIG BURDEN has put down. I feel relaxed and happy after that day. N,i promise to myself that i'm not going to make trouble like this anymore. U'll suffering for it. Trust me..( p.s: i'm happy to have pad as my friend again..)
Thanks again to Hidayah, Afiqah and,the moral value of thie story is:
~ Appreciate all ur friends and try to be nice with them even though they do make mistakes sometimes~
and one more thing,actually this thing is very simple,but its our thinking that make it feel negative and complicated. If i doesn't confront her,i wont know the ending ( which turns out to be a happy ending....)

Monday, July 28, 2008

A WeiRd feELings.....

I dont know why i feels weird today. Its not that i'm not happy. I am..happy..but,when i finally realizes that "someone" actually pushing away my suggestion,i feel its weird. Yeah,thats exactly how i felt right now..i dont know. Maybe that "someone" is thinking bout my suggestion or maybe that "someone" has rejected my suggestion.. perhaps....who knows right?? Hopefully, that "someone" understand me and knows me well..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A daY woRth to reMemBer...

today is the school's co-curricular day!!!!! Its was a fresh morning..i reached the school and met Hidayah..then we went for "senam robik" at the tarmac. Later,i went to the chemistry lab ( where our class's exhibition located ) to get prepared..i'm in the biology group with syaf,eika, tikah,fikri. Hidayah is considered one of us too bcoz she help us. our exhibition starts at 9am. Its 8.05am n we got 55 mins to go. I and eika designs the labels and cut the pictures of the frogs and rats. It was fun that morning bcoz everyone is doing their work. Ok,we still have 5 mins to go and everybody starts to test their experiment juz to make sure it works. I,syaf,tikah and eika are planning to operate the white rat first ( yikes )..but later,we decided to split into 2 groups. I and Syaf will operate the frog while tikah and eika will operate the white rat. There are so many people in the lab. And many of them,watched us operating the frog and white rat. It was such a success. We also taught other people to try operating the frog at only rm0.50. We got some business to do. Hahaa..later,we demonstrate "operating the frog". I operate with tirah with atikah's help. I'm nervous at first but later,i'm professional later. Hope i could do it again. But,frogs are LIMITED. Thanks to dayah for buying me lunch. I got no time to go out from the lab. At about 11.45am,we finally finished operating all the frogs and white rats. N,i had so much fun today. Our exhibition was a great success. Co-operations right?? Haha.. We clean everthing up. Before we clean up,i try to make perfumes in the chemistry group. Wow,i got so much fun today. But,most precious of all,is that i can spend times with my classmates. Good job,everyone!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Yes,i guess u guys know what i'm going to talk about from the title "GUILTY". I feels VERY GUILTY today..why?? Bcoz i cant go to school to help my classmates with decorations and making banners n so on for our exhibition tomorrow,26 July. It's our school co-curriculum day tomorrow. N,our class ( 5 Bestari ) is going to "present" a exhibition on that day. So,today,25 July,all the classmates is going to stay back for our preparations for our exhibition. At first,i planned not to go. N,the reason why i said i cant stay back today is bcoz of the repairman who will repair my house pipes system. So,i need to go home to settle this thing. The repairman finally reached my house at 2.30pm. He finished his work at 3.15pm. N,finally,i made my final decision. I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL FOR THAT PREPARATION!!!!!!!!!! i cant stand my feeling anymore. I feels so guilty if i'm not there with my friends to prepare for the preparation.. So,i planned to go to school at 3.30pm. I called Ariff and ask him to pass the phone to Afiqah..the reason i need Afiqah's help is that i need her to bring me to school with her bike. Ok,here's the thing. I accidentally hurt my leg when i'm going up the stairs after school. So,i cant walk pretty fast and it hurts. Without wasting any time and just to make sure i'm not making my leg even worse ( just in case ),i hope Afiqah can help me..but,unfortunately,syaf had borrowed her bike to buy white rats ( for our experiment tomorrow )...what i can do?? sit at home and do nothing?? yeah,u got it right. well,u teach me how to do?? am i suppose to go to school with this situation?? I dont know. Thats the only,i stayed at home with "my heart at school"..i'm thinking of, "are they having fun right now?", "hurm,what are they doing now?", "are they happy without me??", "how are they going to decorate the lab??".......thats what my mind think about till this moment. I really feels guilty, really i am. I really want to go school today. But,i dont have choices. N,this is my last year at high school and i wanna spend more time with my classmates.. how could this thing happened to me?? Ah.............. please..i cant take it anymore. I looked cool and calm, but i got feelings k. N, i think.........huh,nothing..i dont even know what i wanna say anymore.. I hope my classmates are not mad at me coz i can't go to the lab today. Especially,ghazmil and fikri. I'm sorry coz i can't make it today. I really want to go to school, guys....hope u guys understand..ok,i still feels guilty..hope when i wakes up the next morning, i change my feelings. Again, i'm sorry to ghazmil and fikri..i did my best to come today..."Biar lambat, asalkan selamat" is not suitable here,so i used "Biar lambat,asalkan ikhlas". I lambat pun bukan kan?? ...So maybe "biar i xdatang pun,asalkan ikhlas",hahahahaha.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unhappy daY

Today,i feels a bit unhappy..most probably bcoz ada masalah skit dgn kelas ari ni. I feels bad.. But, after i reached home, i feels a bit relaxed..nasib baik afiqah htr i balik..if not,....u got the answer.. I hope i'm not involve in anything dlm apa2 masalah in the claz. I know how u guys felt ( those who involved ), so after dah settle prob ni, jgn fikir and calm yourself down.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I love HK...

I love HK..i went to HK last year. It's was a amazing country. The scenery, food and shopping place is something that i missed a lot. The food was fanstatic and i was amazed by the scenery. There's a street called 'lui yan kai' where it sold all kind of cute-cute things. I can't stop buying it. Another attraction was HK Disneyland. When i first stepped my foot in HK Disneyland, my mind said "huh,finally my childhood's dream came true"..haha..i'll be going to HK again. Thats for sure..

My friEnds a.k.a claZmatEs 5 beStaRi 08 Episode 2

Nur Athirah

> Good friends to Nuratikah and Nurhidayah

> The cutest gal in my class bcoz she's small. Hey,but u cant 'judge a book by it's cover'. Even though she's small,she is great in Taekwandoe. Unbelievable? Believe it..some guys in my class like to call her 'budak Taekwandoe'..and Amirul Syafiq asked her to teach him a skill or two. Haha....

> A clever gal and sometimes she teaches me new things.

> Her daily routines were full of Taekwandoe's training. She was trained at 8pm till 11pm, and sometimes she finishes at 12am ( thats what she told me..) from mon to sunday. Except thurs..
Whosh,thats unbelieavable..

> what i admire about this gal is, although her daily routines were full of Taekwandoe's training,

tiz gal still have time for fun and studies. ( p.s: if i were u, thirah, i don't even think i can make it)

> a cheerful person and like to laugh.

> to me, there are some secrets within her. I don't know what is it. Perhaps, a mystery.

Nada Syazana

> assistant of class 5 Bestari 08

> quiet and calm person

> smart..she's the newcomer for Add Maths scorer

> "seorang yg lemah lembut,suaranya perlahan",thats the first thing that most of my classmates would say about tiz gal..haha

> a good friend to afiqah..

> urm, i guess there are some secrets about tiz gal. Well, everyone has secrets right??

> A hardworking gal..

Nur Afiqah

> 'penolong ketua pengawas'

> funny gal

> sweet and slalu manja2 dgn's ok..normal lah tu..

> a very close friend to hidayah

> sometimes dia baik,and somtimes dia jahat

> banyak rahsia orgnye

> patient..although sometimes its irritating..

> suke jaga hati org lain...uh hum uh hum..

> clever gal..

> suka buat kerja dia je..tak pedulikan perasaan org lain..( p.s: sorry to say,afiqah )

Friday, July 18, 2008

My friEnds a.k.a claZmatEs 5 beStaRi 08 Episode 1


>Twin to Nuratikah
>A cute friend to hang out with..

>A kind girl and someone who helps me a lot besides atikah and athirah.

>When i first met hidayah and atikah,it gave me headache. They both looked almost the
same,and i can't differentiate between them.

> But later,as time goes by,i started to realize that there was something different about them.
Since then,i got to differentiate them.

> This girl is totally a good friend to have. No matter how hard a problem is,she always take it as
simple as she can.

> BTW, she taught me a lot of things neither in studies nor 'not in studies'. haha

> Sometimes, she is so serious. And,sometimes, she is funny. A 'one of a kind' personalities.

> She's hardworking and smart. I know she definetely can make it and succeed, just try your best, gal....
> A cheerful person..always got that smile on her face. It makes people feel happy around her. its great coz it makes all her friends feel happy this..hahahahahaha..

> Thanks for being my friend,dayah.. chai yok chai yok..


>Twin to nurhidayah

> same like her twin sister, a cute friend to hang out with.

> A hardworking girl and always help her friends

> There is always something funny about her. ( i dun know why,haha )

> She is smart and does her homeworks. ( p.s: atiqah,u r much hardworking than me actually )

> Helpful person

> What i like about this gal is, she's one special person in my mind. She's cute, funny, and makes
joke all the time. What i can do is, laugh laugh laugh. HAHA..

> If u know this gal, then, u know what i'm talking about..

My friEnds a.k.a claZmatEs 5 beStaRi 08

Here, i will introduce you to my classmates in my class 5 Bestari. First, i would like to thank Liyana ( lynn ) for giving me this wonderful idea ( via lynn's blog )..i didn't mean to follow your ways of writting, is the list of my friends in 5 Bestari 2008. There are 23 of us ( i'm not included,plz....)

Nada Syazana
Nur Afiqah
Ariff Putra
Amirul Syafiq
Aliff Talha
Harris Iskandar
Muhammad Syafiq
Muhammad Fikri
Zul Iqmal
Siti Nasihah
( p.s: the names are chosen randomly )

Thursday, July 17, 2008

thE beGiNing oF The sTory..

  • Hi..this is the first time i'm writing this a blog. It sounds pretty unbelievable that i have a blog ( i'm lazy of typing stuff, especially if it took me a very long time ).. Since that some of my classmates are having it, so i try to have one. I think that having a blog is like having a electronic diary. Before i continue,welcome to "tHe sTories oF raChel"...oh,by the way,i wanna say thanks to those who have inspired me to write this kind of thing ( a blog ). If u wanna comment anything about my blog, feel free to do it..waiting for you........