Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Feel ^^

woohoo ^^ today drive to 1U hoho xP next time wanna drive again hehe
After lunchie then go walk walk time, saw a Halloween show, and got sell many Halloween things geh.. so i n mama go there n have a look lah ^^
Then i saw this ................

i killed people then i potong his hands n legs xD muahahahaha.. its FAKE geh, dun scare.. but look SO REAL @@ i scare to touch it geh, then hor, curious wanna touch n feel it.. soft soft geh, yerrrr..

mask mask ^^ the above dat one quite funny le, 'dao kei ngan' geh xD hoho, others oso not so scary oni ceh, got some MORE SCARY

i like this one, cute cute ^^ tis one i no scare hehe

guess wat is tis?? neh, its the.. BRAIN ah.. HEART oso got

Then sudd got a guy said thru the microphone, dat got wat wat show.. so i see the stage, bt nothing come out @@ then sudd the ghost come out from behind the stage.. actually i no scare geh, BUT...
when he sudd come out time, he do mai the action and 眼神, PLUS he sudd shout le @@ shout dou so 恐怖。。omg, i let him scare dou.. then i start to keep move back liao.. he so scary nuhhh

the 1st ghost that come out sudd n shout geh.. i berrrry scare tis one @@ he like to chase ppl n sudd shout
eeee... the headless ghost.. 没头鬼。。she's holding her head, n she oso will sudd chase ppl geh

the vampire.. lalala ^^

hmm, tis one kira the Queen (i think).. she quite yeng le.. her make up so sei lei..she walk walk har, will stop thr n let you take pics geh,so funny.. ^^ and she wun scare ppl haha

ta daa ~~ the 3 ghosts together.. 1 more missing duno whr..haha

This is how the 'ghost' scare the gals @@

the event is called The Rise of The Living Dead ^^ the Queen is there

After see all the things n see the 'ghosts' le, we left dat place, scary le.. maybe sudd they will stand behind o beside you, or chase you @@ haha.. i heard some gals shouting bcoz of let them scare dou.. so i smart geh, i keep look around me, see they are here o not ^^V sure wun let them scare dou.. wahahaha.. tis show quite syok syok =D not bad not bad