Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bandung... 2nd day ^^

Woke up early to go for buffet breakfast ^^ the buffet is not bad.. quite many choices
after bfast, its time to start our journey lah, keep walk n shop..

before go out, took tis 1st..hoho

1st destination = Pasar Baru

Guava in red @@

cendol.. but we no dare to drink.. coz the cendol so 'dai luk' and looks geli x.x

pasar pasar

After pasar, go walk to more n more outlets..

inside view

haha, tis bear look like brownie ^^ but more big

so many brownies.. they eat my brownie x.x wahaha

see this " BROWNIES KUKUS" everywhere here.. i think quite popular haha

tried tis.. is beef ball.. not bad ^^

drink coke in tis kind of bottle, really diff feel.. but not cold punya

mine mine..nasi goreng kambing ^^ but a bit kambing oni, more chic..swt

nasi ayam penyet.. but spicy geh.. luckily i no order tis one..hoho

Aftr lunch, start walk walk walk...


dick's sausage? OMG

nothing UNUSUAL oso geh..

miss piggie XD gt ribbon tim

tis van selling many many toys..bears, pigs, dogs n more ^^

hoho..tis one took especially for ESTHER.. yr spongebob shoes ahh XP

after walk till tired and since haven time to dinner yet, so stop for COFFEE TIME n chat chat^^

looks nice le.. cupid cappucino.. yummm ~~

After coffee time, took taxi back to hotel.. and before dinner..go to hotel's downstair shopping centre see see..

our drinks..

my dinner ^^ hotdog+ potato+ salad.. nice dinner

oso ordered sate..chicken geh ^^

Zzzz... tired liao .. eat n chat till around 10pm, back to hotel lu.. took bath, n watch tv..
then its time to sleep..cold cold neh..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bandung... my very 1st day ^^

lalala ~~~ today fly to ~~~ Bandung Indonesia ^^ woke up at 4am n go to airport bfast n everything till 9++,then go in custom.. then fly at 9.40am..

the view from my seat..

*FYI : Bandung geh airport really bariah dou == i give -100%..1st image boh liao

after around 2 hours flight, go to hotel n check in..then aftr awhile, pergi cari makan luu..
hungry neh @@ go to Rumah Mode, factory outlet..

Lunch place inside Rumah Mode ^^

tis is the duno call wat liao.. but its like here geh 'ngao yun fen' ceh.. ntg special

tis one not bad ^^ the rice nice, even tho a bit spicy

Rumah Mode

No Coffee Bean but ada Java Bean XD

those malay words really..duno apa cakap geh

cool cool.. cool bikes ^^ harley davison punya

start walk to more more n more factory outlets..

tis is inside the shopping centre.. inside geh feel like The Curve too

Dinner time@ Katjapiring..tired + hungry

soya cincau

tom yam soup.. really nice, and not so spicy

got vege and sweet sour chicken..yummmmy

ikan pari bakar

the name of the hotel we stay..

today kira walk liao whole day geh le @@ legs so tired since keep walk walk n walk
so after dinner terus take taxi back to hotel..

And the way ppl drive here, is more yeng than Msia coz they no see traffic light or the way to drive.. all like 'luen luen lei' and drive close close.. even i sit beside the door in the taxi oso make me scared n qi gek.. everything so 3D.. like coming near to me..gosh

and even got old ppl come near our door n ask money @@ her making a ghost mv swtttt
children come sell things and ask money, or ppl come to sell drinks n foods oso got..
so many things can happen while in traffic