Wednesday, October 6, 2010

nice nice ^^

woohoo.. today go watch mv ^^.. watch Chen Zhen lah xP many ppl oso said nice, so watch this.. actually my plan is watch The Hole geh, but too bad, the place i going, no this mv.. haha, so nvm lah, Chen Zhen oso not bad mah ..
Yoo~~ I'm Chen Zhen..NO! I'm Mr 甄子丹 xD
This mv a bit like Ip Man 2.. almost same, but the story diff lah.. and many COOL & YENG geh action, by Mr 甄子丹.. i like his action le.. really sei lei ceh xD and his body, wow @@ got nice shape.. hahaha, i saw it when he took off his clothes at the end thr,and wow.. cool man ~~ luckily tis mv didn't dissapoint me lah, n feel 'jik dak' go watch geh.. ^^

Hoho, what is this le??? no nid guess lah, so ming hin liao.. Its the mv's tickets lah.. a lot?? Little ceh..This is all the tickets that i collected, actually still got geh, but some lost, some not i take, and some i forgot put whr liao, psps ^^''' more coming sooonn, and i wanna keep more more more & more, as my collection xD

*Nice Day*