Sunday, March 27, 2011

♥ Mummy's Birthday ^^♥

Mummy's birthday today.. hoho plan plan plan, final decision is ---> Sakae Sushi.. ^^
coz always eat Western, its time to change change to Japanese la XP
Drive to The Curve.. no much cars, but is under 100kmph lah..
Reached The Curve, 1st thing to do is go Sakae Sushi for lunchie ^^

order order order...

while waiting...ocha ing first.. lalala

Soft Shell Crab..tis is YUMMMMY ;P

tis oso yummmy ;P

mine mine.. beef syiogayaki & agedashi tofu bento ^^

mummy's .. salmon & teriyaki chicken bento ^^ still got salmon sashimi, and california temaki

hoho.. i saw mirror... then then then.. hahaha

after sushi sushi, bao bao liao.. its time to walk walk walk.. digest n next round? XD

walk around, then told mummy dat i long time no read magazines at Borders liao.. then le mummy bring me go Borders ^^ reading magazines time, i ask mummy go Starbucks..

If gt drink at Starbucks, then i can bring my fav magazines there, sit n read ^^

then told her, i treat ^^

hoho, Starbucks ♥ its all about.. coffee

Then bc home lah.. coz got CAKE waiting us at home ^^

Chocolate Mousse cake ^^ mummy duno i bought cake for her geh... surprise ya..

Had a really nice day today ^^ Sakae Sushi n Starbucks, n Cake.. hahaha at last but not least.. Happy Birthday Mummy ♥

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love is NEVER UGLY ♥

Went to watch BEASTLY ^^ finally its out..
wee.. vanessa hudgens, like her like her..

the official poster..

Alex Pettyfer^^ he looks quite yeng in tis pic ><'''
looks yeng n handsome in tis pic too XD but he quite thin liao..
so yeng zai geh him..

an UGLY BEAST?? pity pity..

at first saw the trailer, i dont like tis guy.. coz he's not leng zai enuff..hoho XD but aftr watched tis whole movie, he looks not bad and some parts make me feel he leng zai oso @@.. so weird, i kena spell? hahahaha.. - sot ing -

even BEAST n how ugly guy oso got ppl will love ^^ tis part is so sweeet ♥

the reason why he will turn into beast is because he tot he very leng zai and rich, n keep say ugly ppl and 'sombong'.. so he get cursed from a gal, then he will noe wat it feels to be ugly.. hmm, mayb we shud not see people from appearance?? we should see people using our heart.. issit looks is not so important oni? like in tis movie.. tis guy is leng zai, but he tot leng zai dai sai..n no care ugly ppl feelings.. but when he's a beast time,he start to noe the feel and change his attitude become good..issit really the look so important? love is blind?

anyway, i like tis movie because it taught me something.. sweet love story.. 5 stars ★★★★★ hehe ^^