Sunday, February 20, 2011

♥ 林峰来了 19.2.2011 ^^ ♥

omg omg ~~.. i wanna... faint liao .... coz coz...

wahahaha, i gonna watch 林峰 Desire Tour Concert ^^ i really SOOOOooo happy.. wanna sot liao @@
Thought cant go when tis concert out, but oso never tot yat watch, jau VVIP place liao.. my feeling so happy.. ^^

weeee ^^
When go time, ... bcoz got something, so late out.. i really scare not enuff time to eat or wat, coz dat time ady 6++, the concert start at 8pm.. so fast fast eat n drink n go..lolz i dun care liao, i wanna see fung fung and i don't wanna miss a thing..wahahahaha XD

finally~~ reached thr ady around 8.25pm, coz find parking..== no parking n many cars.. gosh..even toilet i oso fast fast go, coz scare sudd start @@ but, luckily, haven't start..hehe ^^

yeng yeng.. waiting waiting..

he come out dou very yeng.. my heart beat fast, n wanna shout liao..haha

omg~~ faint faint.. he really damn handsome..白马王子 geh look ^^'''

i love tis look too.. black = cool & yeng fung

tis is bought when back time..haha first i saw is when going in time geh, but too bad, i saw jor but no buy -.- coz i really so rush dat time, i oni think dou i will late or wat..if i no buy tis, i will regret.. hehe..

got many pics, but i chose tis.. he looks so cute handsome n yeng ♥

He sang many i like geh song.. most oso i got listen before, and oso like it ^^ so so so, my comment for tis concert is, damn nice.. really happy to see him, n sit dou so near.. but i still feel not enuff near..XD and his appearance oni make me "wow!" ,"whoa" and "omg!".. i oni can say is he really handsome + yeng, even in real person or in tv.. his expression very cute dou..can make me faint liao..omg omg, i keep praise him jor.. psps..#^^#

Some pics i stole from other fans geh XD

why he always seems cute XP

♥ tis pic.. yeng yeng yeng... !

after concert end, we keep call ENCORE.. n finally, he came out again, n sing 3 more songs n come down tim.. i go to front thr, n wait he come.. when he walk pass me, i stuck there.. never see him so near.. ^^ too bad, our second time wan ENCORE, no more liao.. he's going back jor..hahaha..i wanna see his concert here again next year..hope for it..nice concert.. ^^
*took many pics n videos, but oni post a few here..haha*

Friday, February 4, 2011

我愛香港 开心万岁 ^^

今天去看 “我愛香港 开心万岁 ”^^。。虽然有 book ticket, 但是那个座位不是很好罢了。。
哈哈。。没关系啦。。真的好多人看这部戏哦 @@
这部戏最吸引我的是,好多明星。。好像 72 家租客 。。我喜欢。。^^


性感的子珊和欣宜。。哈哈。。bosco 啊。。好搞笑 XD

呵呵。。有一个人是会特别吸引到我。。 他就是。。。

他!Aarif Lee.. ^^ 帅吗?


weee。。真的好帅。。觉得他好像王力宏 ^^

好啦。。给这部戏 5 ★★★★★... 不过,有时候我会觉得 72 家租客会比较好看一点点.. XP