Friday, May 27, 2011

< 处女座的三个未来 >



真的吗? 如果我是非常有耐心,那就好了。。哈哈

Sunday, May 22, 2011

sayonara to my gameboy...=)

tis is... my long time ago geh gameboy la ^^

when my mama bought tis for me time, really very happy geh.. coz dat time, my wish is to have one.. but now, when i see it back, i feel like..pity it.. coz i really long time no touch it liao.. >.<

my babe gameboy.. thanks for giving me all those happy times before.. ^^


其实,介意的事真的那么容易去改吗?介意的事,可以说忍就忍吗?就算可以,不代表每个人都做得到。。 有时候,我不是不想去忍。。而是我做不到 =(

好了,当我做不到,我就会很 moody.. 想东想西。。









忍~~~ 好多不好的事就不会出现。。日子都可以过得更好啦 ^^


Friday, May 20, 2011

★ cupcakes n cakes..★

wakaka..XD who wanna eat "Iphone" ?

tis is is superb cute liao..>.< i gt a bit mm seh dak eat..hehe

Mickey Mickey.. ^^

picnic? wow, so beautiful.. sure hard to make geh.. even the biscuit n cup so small oso can make dou @@ geng ~~

Mario oso got wor..cute cute cutie neh

will you seh dak eat those cupcakes? LOL

tis one so "SWEET".. i think most gals will like tis one.. so those boy out there, wanna 'lam' gal geh wah, i suggest you all send tis la ^^

lately saw quite many cute cute cupcakes, i will buy n try 1 day geh..wait me ooo ♥^^♥

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Overtime.. ^^

yeah yeah.. went to Overtime Puchong..^^ beer beer time le
went thr wit mummy and friends also.. hehe

ordered French Fries..nyumm~~

beef hor fun..

seafood fried rice..

Starker beer ~~ German Fresh Beer..nt bad..for me, i still can handle la..XP

hoho, my fav.. "Sex On The Beach"..^^ i can finished it myself..hehe

Chat n drink till around 11++ then went home la.. hehe.. nice nice day ^^

Thor... ^^

watched Thor tis mv..hoho ^^
not bad not bad.. still many ppl is watching it..

the poster.. ^^

tis is the shot where i "wow!" nice body shape.. hehe #^^#

his father.. Odin

and tis shot a bit funny.. the woman wanna kiss, but Thor go kiss her hand..>.< noob wahahaha

Tis movie i will give 10 stars.. very yeng action mv.. woohoo nice effects oso.. cool ~~

PS: I hate TGV.. GSC is the always the best!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

fast five ^^

the day has come.... the day i've been waiting for.....

went to watch FAST & FURIOUS 5 aka FAST FIVE ^^

i think many ppl wanna watch tis mv, coz at the cinema, i saw many ppl oso waiting to watch tis mv punya..when can in to cinema's hall time, so many ppl went in @@ omg

actually, i no watch any FNF series before.. but duno why when FNF 5 come out, i will be so excited

n when i watched the trailer time, really nt bad at all..hahaha pretty cool

tis is the official poster i think.. all look so yeng.. XP like it ♥

and tis one look not bad oso.. like like ^^

the first guy, when i watching time actually look quite familiar .. @@ but cant say who's dat..n when at the end time, when showing all the cast name i saw his name, then i straight noe

He is Ludacris, one of the rapper in Baby's song.. cant believe he act oso wor~~ not bad..

and the last guy, is funny watch you noe..wahahaha

n in tis mv, i noe dat Vin Diesel n The Rock is actually almost same height ^^ i like both of them.. now i can call him "the Rock 2".. why?? haha, coz they both oso gt nice muscle, almost same height n both oso botak in tis mv >.< ..lolz yeng ah


hoho, is tis bad or good guy? you watch you'll noe..cant tell much..wahaha

Vin Diesel.. i like him.. ^^ yeng n handsome..

i like tis sport car~~man.. blackie cool overall, i gave full stars rating for tis mv.. ★★★★★★★★.. ∞

i think they will be FNF 6, so i definetely watch it.. haha

aftr watch tis mv, keep dreaming abt nice sport cars XD wonder if can i own any of em *dreaming*

gals drive sport cars very yeng.. ^^ hoho *dreaming again...*

today just done watched FNF 4..noe abit the story line liao.. now waiting FNF 1 at Astro ^^ yeahh yeahh

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Sims 3 ^^

After a long time, addicted to play Sims 3 again .. lolz @@
since the original one play dou sienz jor, so look for expansion packs.. XP
got so many... Ambition, Late Night, World Adventure.. more new geh coming soon.. omg!
i prefer Late Night, coz can bring my sims go clubbing..hehe
World Adventure is can travel around the world, a few country la..
hmm.. sudd feel wanna buy all n play.. >< but too bad, i not so rich yet, can buy all..haha

Tis one i think is The Sims 3 Fast Lane.. all nice cars want to buy it..^^

So yeng..the car so cool~~~man..hahaha

so cute geh bike..tis is in Paris ^^

If i can buy all n play, i really will be so addicted liao.. so conclusion, i better dun buy all la..

If not later, really keep sims-ing ~~~ XD