Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas coffee machine ^^

finally..... bought coffee machine lah.. now at home oso can drink nice coffee liao XD woohoo~~ happy ^^

oh yeah, this coffee machine is 'born' on xmas day..easy rmbr oso..wahaha

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

middie valleyie =P

Middie Valleyie = Mid Valley XD hohoho, merry christmas in....... 2 days..

the theme : Toy town .. coz you see many toys here...weee like it ^^

wat a HUGE bear ^^

wahhh,so many big n white bears..can i have 1? hoho

...more n more n more...

wahaha..see dat doggie? i actually focus it ceh XD

carousel.. i want a ride..come come

let it snow ~~ i want snoww

gt people take photograph..i 4R photo = rm10.. for charity geh..

is tis sofa cute? hehe ^^

here comes the Santa Claus.. present present

woohoo, Santa Claus say hi to me.. mana present? hahaha

nice nice, i like Mid Valley geh theme, so many toys ^^ feels like a kid, i wish i can own 1 of the bears there, but.... put at whr? lolz, my bed full liao.. wahahaha

Sunday, December 19, 2010

lego lego..

bibo bibo bang ~~~~ Bangsar Village -- > pm + dinner + lego lego

xmas xmas treee

guess wat is tis made of?? its from LEGO.. tis carousel so nice ^^

Rocket.. phewww~~

Pyramid oso got

wooh, wat cars is tis? i oso duno @@

London bridge is NOT falling down XP

soldiers? hahaha

xmas train ^^

wah, i love tis one le.. ice cream shop ^^

tis one is...errr.... duno wat shop jor .. psps

sakai? jungle?

wat you all looking?

woohoo, tis cafe so nice ooo ~~ i love cafe cafe ^^

ready for war?? yeng..

xmas town..

pirate's ship..

hoho, those LEGO are made for display geh..nice nice LEGO..
talk abt LEGO, i ady looooooong time no play liao..sobs
mine geh not like these so geng, biasa oni , but i gt 1 set can build house geh =P
even just look at those LEGO, oso excited ^^

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Early Xmas Dinner @ WIP ^^

Christmas is next sat.. ^^ cant wait.. we go for early xmas dinner to avoid 'people jam' on xmas eve..

This year geh xmas's dinner planned to go WIP @ Bangsar..
heard the food not bad and the environment nice, so go there.. and better book 1st
so so so, go there around 6 ++, dat time not much people yet.. so we fast order sin
then le, around 8pm ++, wah... full dou people all waiting for table @@ omg

ta daaaa ~~ Bangsar Shopping Centre

saw it? the place gt many lights is WIP, cant get clear pic coz gt many trees

Mine mine mine.. cappucino, i like the "WIP" dat word.. ♥

the KilKenny is send wrong to us, but i took pic oso..lalala

wahaha, Heineken, but not mine geh hoho

Mushroom soup... not bad =P

Inside of WIP.. quite dark and nice for drink beer/wine ^^

so we sit outside

Chicken Cordon Bleu.. the chicken gt cheeseeee and for tis one, i like the mash potato XP

Chicken Vindaloo

WIP's night view ♥

★ xmas decoration ★

4 little snowman...

i like tis one ^^♥

this is snowman

wee.. i love tis one..white + purple combination ^^♥

looks like angel boh?

cute socks.. pinkie pinkie

small xmas tree..

gt 2 reindeers, but where is Santa Claus? XD

These are REAL xmas tree =P gt xmas tree's smell

I'm real ...

hehe...gt purple house ^^

FYI : I cant finish my set.. my plan is wanna eat dessert oso, but aftr my meal, i ady very full @@ so....... next time lah XD

Aftr dinner, go walk walk and take pics then ---> back home
psps, no much people geh pics, as gt technical and camera batt prob x.x

As for tonite, really had a nice dinner for xmas ^^ my next mission would be xmas present..wahaha