Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 9 ^^

Day 9
Today our plan is go to the winery ^^ It’s the first time I went to winery and haha, I’m not a good drinker and I don’t drink wine also. Woke up around 8am++ and as usual, made ourself a cup of coffee with the coffee machine^^ and oh cutie Harley, always there with us. Watch us making coffee and on9-ing. So cute, and everytime I also will play with him. So cutie ya babe.. Oopps, I call him babe^^ yeah, he’s my babe.lolz...

we start to go to the winery at 10am++. It took us around 45mins to reach the winery. Our first winery visit, is the Yering Station.

And the feel is so nice, especially the trees. The colour is like redish and brownish, its like the autumn season. And we walk to a restaurant called Chateau Yering, inside geh feel is like England and ancient geh feel. Its like we went to England and the old times. Even the toilet looks beautiful. Ok walk walk walk, its time to go to the place where people sold wines and wine tasting^^ Wow really so many types of wines. From red wines to white wines and cookies, souvenirs, bottle, glass wines, wine holder.. and yup, we went for wine tasting. I had a few glasses, just trying different types of wines. Not bad lah, but kinda smelly for me @@ I don’t really like it, but yeah, trying is good haha. If you don’t like the wines, you can just pour it into a ‘kinda like a bin’ place which is provided.

Feel like England?

Yeah, wine wine xD

So after tried the wines, we went to the other winery. And at the next winery Chandon, is the place we had our lunch lah. Walk and see how the people made wines, and then went for lunch. The scenery is amazing, outside is the winery view. So its feel like a country side^^ we had Antipasto Grande which is served with garlic bread, olive, some meats ( salami, and duno wat other 2 meat’s name) , artichoke, capsicum, onion and cucumber. It’s a new thing, so it doesn’t matter, since we’re trying new things here. Its quite weird, but yummy^^and also we had a braised pork pasta, and its good. Its raining outside and its damn cold.

By the time we fin our lunch, it has stopped raining. And our next winery stop,is the Panton Hill winery. The place looks like Italian style kind of winery. Nice nice ^^ Its really antique inside and it feels ‘italy’. haha..

And later went home, coz later dinner in the city. Its already 7pm++. We’re going to the city, Crown Casino. Wao, casino weh! The Crown Casino parking is full @@ so we nid to walk there, and guess what? its really so cold ah!! HELP! keep freezing when walking time. Have to wear scarf tim. And finally reached Crown Casino, and its like the 5 or 6 stars hotel. So beautiful and grand.

SO many ppl too, especially after we went inside the Casino. And the guard checked my passport haha. Bcoz you nid to be 19 years old and above oni can enter casino geh. Luckily, I kira 19 tis year lah..haha.. Wow! so many ppl gambling and many slot machines too. Too bad, cant take photos inside :( Better don’t start gambling or else I cant stop. After we chose the place, we went out to the waterfront to see the fire, just above the thing. Its almost time, and whoa, there it goes. Fire is coming out from the thing, and its so warm. I’m really cold and thanks to the fire.

Then meet up with Michelle and her friend..Then we're going to a Malaysian Asian restaurant for dinner, so many ppl. All the restaurants here is all crowded@@ so we wait awhile oni get our place. We ordered 1 seafood platter ( prawns, oysters, big prawns, salmons and garlic bread) whereas mine is the lobster set lah. And we ordered hot chocolate oso..Is hot chocolate with seafood quite weird? oh yeah, we just love the hot chocolate here.

Lobster ^^

After dinner, we all planned to have desert at a cafe in the city. wao..Before that, we go n watch others gambling awhile, here got 2 floors geh. Jan tried the 1 cent game slot machine. She put $1 in it, and there’s 100 credits. Play play n try try, then the conclusion is lose lo.. First is win a few cents oni ..So we went back to our parking, omg, when walking back time oso damn cold! woohoo~~ then drive to the restaurant, Chocolateria San Churro. Its like a chocolate shop^^ we ordered a huge Churros Fiesta, which got 18 Spanish donuts and many kind of dips. Which is cream, caramel, choc ice-cream, dark choc, white choc.. Oso ordered hot chocolate, oh yeah,hot chocolate again ^^ yum...

oh,its almost 12am, and the shop is closing. We need to go, so we’re just fin our stuff but we cant. So Jan packed it for Harley. haha. Then its time to say goodbye. Its been a great nite, and i'm really enjoy it ^^ Woohoo, finally its time to back home, I’m quite sleepy already. Reached home after 20mins and I on9. Prepare to sleep first then went into room. As usual, packed a little bit of stuff and I cont on9 till 3.30am. Not bad huh. Its my regular routine anyway ;) so yeah, cont tml ^^ plus its raining outside, its even colder. haha, yeah.. Casino! Lobster!!haha..


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