Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 2 ^^

Day 2

Today woke up around 8-9am ( Melbourne time) … coz later nid bfast and go SHOPPING luu..yeah ~~ Woke up, then relax a bit then ready for bfast.. My cousin’s house got coffee maker, so she made 2 cup for me & mama.. not bad.. so cold, drink hot coffee really nice..hehe ^^ I ate a bread then we start drive to town. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant for Vietnamese noodles.

Yummy yummy ^^ really nice wor.. She recommend geh. And guess wat, at there I gam ngam saw dou Big Big World geh mtv,when eating time. wow, cant believe will hear dou le. Hohoho.. So after our brunch, our cousin bring us to factory outlets, place where sell cheap things geh.

The whole street oso sell cheap stuff n branded geh tim, such as Nike, Adidas, Quicksilver, Converse, and more more. I went to Converse tot wanna buy shoe, but too bad, dun have the pattern I want..So go Nike bought a sport shoe, $60, actually duno cheap o expensive^^ LOLZ.. then then,. we go shopping at Greensborough Plaza, tis shopping centre near our house oni.

Walk walk walk, see see see till around 7pm I think, then my cousin asked her bf to book place at Italian’s restaurant, called Cellini. This restaurant very popular geh, so she said no book geh wah, no place.. wao..

White wine ^^.. not bad lah.. make me 'heng' geh

Pizza 1

Pizza 2, see the big prawn? haha

Fresh oyster, yummmmy

We ordered 2 pizzas, 1 plate fresh oyster and oso 1 bottle of white wine. The pizza is very delicious, oyster is so fresh n nice oso ^^ and yeah yeah ~~ I drank 3 half glasses of white wine ^^ wow, I nid to learn to drink oso and her bf ask me try. so I try till cant stop ><’’’ its like “hei shui” but just will sour n sweet. Not bad lah.. alchohol is 7.5.. duno why, after drank,later I got feel ‘heng’, luckily no drunk o feel wanna pengsan jek. When in car, I feel dou got heat on my body n head.. can say good, bcoz outside so cold, so a bit ‘wan luen’. hahaha.. and its her BF treat us geh tim ^^ So reached home lah.. Sleep? NO WAY! hoho.. wanna noe why? Her bf gave me the code for WIFI, so I terus go inside room n FB/MSN ^^ so happy le, finally can on, chat and upload pics. So I on till 3am++ lo. 3 days will no online mah, so on9 long a bit, nvm geh. I can tahan xD. hahaha.. syok ah…Plus, at noon oso got go McD here use the WIFI, but awhile oni.