Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 6 ^^

Day 6

Today woke up around 8++ . Since Jan went out for interview, we went for bfast our own today. We walked down to IGA supermarket there and around that place got some shops. Its just a straight road, and took us around 10mins walk there. Nice view while we walk. haha. Reached dat place, then look for bfast la. We went to a bakery, and I ordered while mama wait me outside. yeah ~~ can improve my Australian accent lah. hoho.. Then I chat with the aunt awhile, she went to M’sia before geh. And she got asked am I in school or universities, I said universities and then she said I look younger. wao… so happy haha. then chat a bit. Nice o, 1st time spoke to Australian people, yeah ~~

The place where we had bfast ^^

the food not bad.. haha, after that, went to the supermarket just beside us oni. Its quite small, so we just walk around ^^ then walked back home.

On the way home time^^

Reached home then cont wifi lah.. Today we wifi outside the kitchen. hehe, nice o,the feel^^..

waiting for Jan to come back and bring us to DFO, which is direct factory outlet. There got a lot cheap stuff geh. Supposed to reached home at 11.30 geh, but she late coz interviewer long winded, so she 12.15pm oni reached. Then, we go DFO lo.. wah, really big o. Got so many shops there. Branded oso got.. walked here n there, look here n there.

DFO ^^

I went to Converse o, yeah ~~ after tis went for lunch at the food court, we went to a Japanese shop. Not bad lah the food, but so full. haha. Then went to the entrance and wait for Jan, bcoz we all separate liao. Wait awhile then she came, then went back into car and head back to home. Coz later nid go to John’s house for dinner. So went home and get ready sin, I on9 awhile. Until 6.30pm, we start to drive to John’s house. Jan's BF drive tonite, haha.. Then reached liao, wahhhhh..his house so big! wao, go for a tour mah, I think got 3 rooms, 1 huge bathroom, and oso got 1 large garage tim @@ omg, everyone oso said its so big. What a big house, and outside the wind blowing,wow damn cold ah!!

Went back inside then chatting waiting for dinner, all is John cook geh tonite^^ He cooked so many tonite. Starter got tom yam soup and another one is chicken & sweet corn lah. Tom yam soup is really nice n yummy, he cook dou macam M’sia geh tom yam soup^^ jeng ah. Got 2 big prawn tim. And after drink tis still got soup o, the chicken&sweet corn soup..@@ omg.. I ady full jor weh ..after tis still got rice geh ah, main course oso haven’t come.. Main course got veggie with cheese, fried rice ( Indian style ) then chicken and some potatoes/carrots. OMG! so many, how to eat o, so I just took a bit oni. Cant eat anymore, damn full liao. Later still got dessert le, got chips, biscuits, and snacks ==’’’ sorry I cant eat anymore or I really will vomit..@@ hoho.. so many.. Ppl here eat so many, plus they eat the cheese while drinking wine, I see oso feel so full liao, maybe they jap guan the lifestyle here. Chat n watched tv till 10.15pm its time to go back home, since cousin’s BF got work tml morning. So said bye lah. Reached home then get ready to sleep.. haha.. on9 lo.. then Zzzz…