Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 3 ^^

Day 3

Since yesterday slept at 3am++, sumore I nid wake up today at 8am .. not enuff sleep, quite hard to wake up, but no prob for me, I sure can wake geh.. haha.. Nid wake early coz today nid drive about 3-5 hours to her BF’s family geh holiday house,stay for 3 days. hoho. nice lo.. wake up n drink coffee, today is her BF made for us geh ^^ chat chat n play wit dog, then prepare out lah. Coz nid 3-5 hours oni reach there, so nid go early. First go to a royal military base at Point Cook, to find John. Actually planned he will take us fly today,wit his small plane, coz he train ppl geh. But today cant .. nvm lah..while waiting for him to join us to the holiday house, we went to RAAF museum. This museum is about the history of royal military in Melbourne, and how they get ready for war. Its all about war geh bah. Quite interesting oso.. Got a lot airplanes, REAL geh, last last time they used for war, wat model oso got. And real size geh tim hahaha.. Took photos ^^

and walk around, then John done his work. He follow our car to the holiday house, but before we go, we go MCD drive-thru buy something eat sin. Scared will hungry later bcoz after 1-2 hours oni will stop at Lorne for lunch. So eat fillet o fish here first. Here geh MCD so nice neh, got cappuccino , latte geh. N they will ask how many packets of sugar you want, they will put mai for you geh le. OMG@@ so good service ^^ I love it! haha. Cold weather mah, so eat 1 hot & fresh geh fillet o fish, plus wit 1 hot geh cappuccino, WOW, jeng ah ^^ Then around 2pm ++, reached Lorne, here geh view so nice. We went to a restaurant for lunch, when walking thr time, the wind blow, freezing. oh yeah, n oso got a bit rain. DAMN COLD.. we ate some chips n drink hot coffee ^^ nice o. Then continue our journey to Great Ocean Road, this is where her BF’s family holiday house located lah. Travel there nid more 2 hours. So inside the car, look outside n enjoy the view. Cant wait to see the sea here, bcoz its so nice geh view. So after 1 hour like dat, yeah ~ I saw the sea! wow.. the view is amazing.

Got so many wave bcoz the wind quite strong, and cold oso. Stop aside and take pic lo. Wah, when out from the car, macam air cond.. no no.. shud say more cold than air cond, plus the wind keep blowing, really freezing. After took pic, faster faster went bc to car lo..hoho. Then reached the holiday house around 4.30pm, I love it bcoz tis house got sea view ^^ can see the sea every morning. Btw the house here so beautiful. hoho.. we reached here ady at nite, here 5.30pm ady dark dark macam 8pm at Malaysia. We stayed at upstairs with John, got balcony geh le & the couple stayed downstairs with the dog.. At nite, can go out the balcony, sit n drink hot coffee/chocolate while seeing the sea. WOW ^^ But when I go out to balcony, awhile jek ady freezing, I nid go bc inside. Hehe.. for dinner, John and cousin’s BF go out buy dinner.. fish n chips again. Got calamari ring, scallop and prawn, chips n hash brown. Not bad.. yummmmy.. tis time is John treat us geh ^^ he really nice. They oso had wine, but is red wine. I no drink bcoz smelly for me. hahaha.. So I just sit there n chat chat. Later I had my hot chocolate ^^ here geh hot chocolate very nice. Then watch tv, and chat again. N got play with the dog oso, he very manja geh.

Chat until around 9pm, I go bath. Then everyone start to sleep liao, tired.. so we oso prepare to sleep. Of coz haven’t sleep yet lah, still early for me haha. So still can watch Fung Fung drama episode 3 & 4. But here no wifi, cant on9 wuwuwu..