Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 5 ^^

Day 5

Yeah,today can wake up late a bit lah.. not so late lah, around 10am ++ oso. Nid pack stuff back to house liao. Pack, clean up the place and all that, until 11++. No time for bfast or coffee tim. Then, go down the beach there, near the house oni geh. Walk to see the big wave, nice view. Saw a lot small shells,so so tiny n cute^^

So tiny ^^

The seashells,tot wanna take some home geh, but inside is ‘sang’ geh. Got things inside geh.. so dun dare.. haha.. after took pics n everything, went back to the car and start drive lah. We went for bfast sin lah, coz nid around 2-3 hours back home. Scared hungry.. We went to Sandy Feet Café.. ordered a ‘Big Foot’ breakfast set and flat white coffee. Here geh bfast set so big, 2 ppl oni can finish. I like the spinach.. tasty.. and the bacon here is PORK geh, not like M’sia geh bacon ^^ yummmmmy…Outside now got sun le, so warm luuu..hehe.

Big le? hahaha xD

Then guess guess where we go next? we went to buy ICE CREAM ^^ yes, cold weather eat ice cream, really jeng lo. My cousin said here geh ice cream is really nice, and a lot ppl will buy. Especially summer time, ppl will queue till outside. So I tried cookies&cream and honey comb ^^ $6.90 for 2 scoops. Not bad o, yum yumm…

After that,its time to continue our journey back to our house. OMG@@ stay in the car for so long again, haha. Then sight-seeing outside, its like country feel. Got forest then cows then sheeps. Its like countryside ^^ nice nice. I listened to my ipod and then later open my laptop, hoho. I really quite mou liu, open the webcam geh thing then take photo. haha, quite fun mah ^^

One of the pic lah..haha..so sunny outside @@

Then see see photos, then nap nap like dat. After that, reached home neh..yeah ~~ home sweet home. First thing I do, open laptop n WIFI. Then clean the bag. After, we went for dinner lah. Tonite quite special, we went to a Malaysian restaurant^^ Finally, got Malaysian food eat. We ordered char kuey teow and har mee. Like Malaysia geh, the owner is Chinese. so chat a bit lo. Got guai lou oso. Got 1 just sit beside us geh lah, he ordered 1 big duno wat fried mee, so big,he can finish it. We 3 ppl oni shared the char kuey teow and har mee. The prawn quite big^^ And that guai lou handsome o^^ omg@@ but too old bah.. I want younger geh, hoho xD enuff enuff.. We had Chinese tea here.

Har Mee

Char Kuey Teow

After that, went home. Bath then on9 awhile. Go out and chat with cousin n her BF, and I play with the cutie doggie. I had hot chocolate again, made ourself geh. It’s the 3 in 1 packet, plus milk, and put some marshmallow in it. yum yum.. Then I feed the doggie, 1 biscuit and some almonds. Wow, geng ah him. I throw the almond he can catch it. So fast! Really cute.. Usually before that, we will ask him sit, then shake oni give him the food. And say gentle oso. Later, Jan showed us some pics where she n her fren go dig gold ( guat kam). Wow, really got gold but just gold powder lah. haha so easy got gold meh.. haha..i went back to room first, coz quite tired, then on9 till 3am++ again .. syok o @@