Monday, June 7, 2010

Mebourne Day 1 ^^

Day 1

haha... finally reached Melbourne lah.. in the plane for 7 hours ++ and omg, so long le. I watched 2 episodes of Fung Fung drama and then, laptop ady no battery == so i listen to my ipod bah.. haha. i bring 2 ipod and 1 mp3.. hehe, why bring so many? Bcoz i scared 1 thing, will fast no battery lo..geng.. i noe lah. I keep listen n listen.. Reached liao Melbourne, my cousin fetch us from airport. And at custom here, the ppl really friendly ^^ when go out from airport, WOW! macam air cond weh, @@.. so cold! around 8 celcius jek ah.. go inside the car, luckily her car got heater ceh.. if not.. duno how to face sudd so cold geh place.

Around 10mins, reached her house lah..the place there really calm n good feel. Less motorbikes oso, NICE lo.. and her house got dog, Harley.. big b black dog... i scared of it le, so big wor.. n black tiam @@ papa.. so faster go inside the room.. then hoho, time to find WIFI lah. But too bad, here geh wifi locked liao. Tml morning her bf oni will bc and give the password. So i use his comp sin, so on msn awhile lo. FB duno why, i think sudd change country so a bit ma fan. Cant log in dat nite == MSN awhile jek lo, bcoz here ady very late around 1am ++. so tml oni find WIFI again.. time to sleep lah.. wao.. so nice to sleep le, so cold at nite, and no nid air cond geh haha. But really damn cold..cold dou freezing neh ..