Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 7 ^^

Day 7
Today our plan is go city lah. Woke up around 8am++, then get ready for bfast. Had 1 bread then a cup of coffee. hahaha. Then its time to go city lah, travel there nid around 35-40mins. Yeah~~ finally reached city lah.. go had our lunch at The Coffee Club. Ordered 2 meals and 3 persons shared..hoho. .the meal so big, luckily shared.. This time, I ordered hot chocolate, yummy^^

Hot chocolate ^^

Big breakfast

Lemon Calamari Rings

aftr lunch, go shopping lah, and I heard dou miley cyrus geh ‘Party in the USA’. Wow the feel so nice, but I’m not partying in USA, but AU. lolz..then we go take tram, named City Cycle, its free.

The tram

The tram is old and antique tram lei geh, and when it stop every station, it will say wats dat place and got wat attractions..then we went down at 1 station. so many tall buildings.. and many ppl many old buildings too. macam Europe type of building^^ Shopping and walk everywhere. Weather so cold ah!! Then cont walk to the a ‘lorong’ like dat geh. and we had tea time there. Coffee & brownies. Here give me geh feeling is like in Paris ^^ the view and everything.

After coffee ,we walked to ChinaTown. Not so long oni..Aftr Chinatown, is back home lah, to avoid traffic jam, ppl finish work around 5pm. so better hurry, took the tram back to our car park station thr geh. Quite jam when goin bc time, and I got nap nap tim. Tired @@ then,Jan to dropped us at Safeway and then we will walk around there, and later walk down the hill to Coles.

On the way time, OMG.. so much colder @@ and no ppl walk tim geh,hoho. Finally reached lah Coles, went inside, and see can buy wat sin ^^ This Coles is in Greensborough Plaza geh, upstairs the shopping centre all closed liao, they all closed at 5pm, oni Coles closed at 12am. Aftr tis, went for dinner ^^ at where? haha, is MCD lah, coz here oni got MCD and nando’s. So chose MCD. after dat, on9 awhile, here got free wifi mah. Sumore at here,less people eat geh..Jan said here geh ppl is health-conscious, so less eat fast food …haha..Then later mummy sms to Jan ask her come fetch us near there. Wao, when outside waiting time, shaking cold weh, plus at night tim @@ talk oso susah lah..wait around 15mins,then get in the car, wah..nice.. finally not so cold liao. Then reached home, then as usual geh..then Zzzz...