Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 4 ^^

Day 4

Woke up at 8am today.. first morning at the holiday house^^ Woke up, n prepare then wow, saw the sea view. So nice, just woke and the sea is outside oni. Air so fresh..Then, my cousin n her bf made pancakes. Got jam, butter or honey. I put honey n jam..haha. They all ate 3 pancakes, but i eat oni 1 and half jek.. coz ady full and enuff .. LOLZ.. Before bfast, go out balcony to say hi to parrots^^ yeah,my new fren.. I no feed them, not enuff time,so i just put some seeds there,let them come ^^ Their colour so nice and got few types. And see them so near ^^

What a good morning ! it

Yes cutie, what do you want? coffee? hahaha..i fed him pancake o

My new fren, pinkie... since the colour is pink so pinkie lo ^^

So after done everything, we start to drive to Cape Otway Lightstation. Bought tickets at information centre for $14.50, its cheaper. Need around 1 hour to drive there, to see the lighthouse. When going there time, go n find koala bear, but its wild geh. Maybe will attack if see human. Hoho, let us see dou so many. Some sleeping and some eating. So fat and cute! And they can ‘berak’ while sleeping geh neh, geng lo..

Thats the lighthouse ^^

Saw a lot cows ..Then drive drive drive and park our car lah. Guess what? SO COLD! omg! I cant stop freezing.. Walk n took pics, n see the sea and mountains. The view is really great here, everywhere. Plus the air is really fresh. Then saw le, the lighthouse ^^ go up n took more pics. If you ‘wai gou’, better dun go outside, coz quite scary n high. And the wind blowing so strong, you maybe will feel like you wanna fall down tim. hahaha. After visit lighthouse, we went to a café near there oni. I NEED COFFEE N HOT HOT GEH THINGS AH! My hand wanna become ice liao.. We ordered hot chocolate ( yummy..) and ate 1 egg+potato+cheese+pasta geh omelette. Nice o, so tasty ^^ Outside rain a bit tim, gek sei. So cold geh lah, rain sumore. So wait till warm n stop rain, we went back to car park. Done lah, our next stop is The Twelve Apostles. Go there to see the interesting rocks and sea view.

Twelve Apostles, got 12 rocks geh, now left around 6 oni

That’s the tourist attraction, so will saw many tourists. And drive there, need around 1-2 hours bah. Quite long time. I so tired till sleep in the car, but just nap bah ..Wow, at this place, walk le almost half day ..So many places to go, so seriously, 1 day oso not enuff.. so we saw huge rocks n walk here walk there, enjoy the beautiful view. Bought a cup of cappuccino oso ...really cant tahan, nid hot drinks. And this time, I need wear coat oso le, really DAMN COLD than other places. Coz its near sea oni, and whenever the wind blows, you will woooooo… freezing and hand froze. I freeze a lot.. @@ LOLZ.

Hot drink time

Then drive to every part around this area, n go down enjoy the view. We went to Loch & Gorge, London brige and blowholes.

Loch & Gorge, love this place..^^

London bridge, the middle part there no more, coz fell down liao

Blowhole, if the wave big geh wah, the water will come up.

That 3 places oso got interesting story, quite meaningful ^^ Went to Port Campbell for lunch, fish n chips AGAIN == here, many places oso got fish and chips, so popular here. Bcoz at here, everything is fresh. And the fish n chips here is not like M’sia use geh fish, its shark’s meat. WOW! The meat, honestly, smells fresh&yummy and delicious. haha..

ok lah, done our trip for today. Almost sun set, will get colder so better back home lo. Here around 5, we start to go back to the holiday house, but ady start to dark. 5pm here is like 7pm is M’sia .. So reached holiday house around 6.30pm, outside is like 8pm in M’sia. So cham, so fast dark here.. Wait cousin cook spaghetti,hehe. Then I play with the dog, duno why, I feel I like it liao. Actually he’s so cute le, ‘handsome’ oso. When eating time, he will look at us and wanna eat some oso geh. He always hungry, everytime oso want eat. Got few times he manja with me n look at me, like he’s begging me to give him food @@ his ‘ngan shen’ really cute, hehe. But sorry, I cant give food to him. My cousin n her bf said dun choi him. haha. After dinner, I play with the dog lah. I no scared it liao lo, dare to order him to ‘sit’, ‘drop’ and then I said ‘good boy harley’. Yeah ~~ I succeed, love him love him ^^ cute doggie ya. Watch TV awhile, then made hot chocolate. Here geh hot chocolate really yummy. Then go to balcony n see stars while drinking hot chocolate, jeng ah ^^ got a lot stars le, almost whole sky oso full of stars. So nice o.. then watch tv awhile again, after dat, prepare sleep lo. Prepare jek,nt yet sleep oso geh. Haha. still early mah. Tml back to cousin’s house lah, means can WIFI lo. hehe, okok. That’s all today, update tml ^^