Saturday, November 27, 2010

xmas tree + white wine ^^

my sat sat ^^ go out for brunch then back home decorate the xmas tree lah ^^
usually a month before xmas, will start decorate xmas tree and house too..

my xmas tree ^^

xmas decoration ^^

aftr decorate xmas tree, feel nothing do, then i play wit brownie n doggie ^^

brownie with xmas hat.. quite mou liu geh me XP

with doggie oso ^^

At nite time, its time to open we bought at AU geh white wine ^^ until now oni open, coz haven buy the white wine glass.. then finally bought it, so today its time to open white wine XD woohoo

the white wine bought at AU ... XP

i oni drink 3/4 glass @@ more than i drink at AU geh, kira geng boh? hahahaha, for me, ok geh lah, at least got improve.. but now i cant drink much yet, coz the taste haven make me interest -.- so so so, drink le 3/4, i ady feel heng heng dei, and face red red liao..aiyoyo,so cha geh me.. lolz, and i use quite long time to fin it oso.. will drink it again on xmas eve, oopps ~~