Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dinner @ Pavilion ^^

Today before go for dinner to celebrate popo's bday at Pavilion with kao fu, go leisure mall for gym and shopping too ^^ went to Mini Toon n see see, coz member got 50% discount.. and i saw tis cutie doggie, and bought it back home lah.. plan wanna put in car geh, but at last oso bring him home, so he stay at home now lah..hoho, welcome him sin..

ehem name is doggie ^^

do i look cute?? say yes ya, if not i bite you... hoho

hehe, i'm flying..i believe i can fly ~~~ ^^

~ Pavilion ~

Ying Ker Lou... 1st time eat thr..

Japanese green tea, beside it is the small geh

Japanese green tea..nice ^^

Fried carrot cake..

woohoo,yummy~~ 猪肚汤 ^^ tis one no spicy coz they use white pepper..

Tis is Hakka pan mee.. got chu yuk yuen

Tis is sweet n sour pork noodle..

HO PO vegetable dumplings

Hmm, the food kira not bad geh, but for me, okok oni @@ hoho, then le, after dinner, 'tiap tiap' and enjoy the tea first while chat chat..then, kao fu said go eat japanese ice cream @@ wao, so nice o ^^ but after dinner, i ady quite full, but nvm lah, long time 1 time ceh, must enjoy it and eat full full hehe XP

ta daa~~ MOF @ Japanese Sweets & Coffee

yum yummy ^^ tis is chocolate ice chocolate chips and hazel,not bad..rm 11

eat eat dou my mouth so cold XP ah..n i feel so cold, cold dou shaking @@ after shake awhile,ok le..hehe,then until 7++, its time to go back lah, kao fu back sin, but we go walk awhile n go see the x'mas decorations ^^ so many ppl, just took pics and back home..

tall n nice x'mas tree ^^

Aftr tis, then back home lah.. n thanks kao fu for treat us eat tonite ^^ nice day + dinner..