Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wonderful outing day ^^

Today is a wonderful day ^^ coz outing day lah, outing means shopping, my fav XP
watch watch watch....Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows =P
1st 1st le, plan is watch Harry Potter at 11.15am geh, but too bad, cant make it-.-
coz many cars and a bit jam, i think coz of skul holiday gua.. so no choice, watch 12.45pm geh..grrrr

woohoo ~~ yeng yeng ^^

oso gt quite sweet geh
part too .. hehe
tis part so funny ^^ so many "harry potter" XD

I think tis poster not bad oso ^^ but.........

I prefer tis one.. so yeng ^^

Trust No One ~~~

Actually among dat 3 main persons of Harry Potter, i most like geh is Hermione ^^ duno why like her, when she small time, cute cute geh, and now grow up liao, pretty pretty..

-.- she short hair, not nice..mayb she wanna try new style @@

so i prefer her tis style, long hair more pretty ^^

So, i would like to give 5 ★★★★★ for tis mv.. ^^ really nice and worth to watch it for 2 and half hours.. but the ending, really make me 期待 part 2.. have to wait next year XP even tho today walk n shop liao whole day, but still feel time not enuff @@ issit really 欢乐的时间过得特别快 ? XD so nice mv + nice shopping = nice nice nice ^^ and i want surprise SOON ...