Saturday, November 13, 2010


旧的不去 ,新的不来?? hmm, can i use tis for my phone?

haizzzz , sadddddddddd ah.. my phone, sot liao.. keep say PHONE MEMORY FULL -.-
i ady delete many things, can delete geh things ady delete liao but still same ~~~
duno why so sot geh.. grrr

now oni left my smssss, i got 500++ wor.. all oso memories.. i really mm she dak delete it T.T
and i nid keep delete my new msg tim =='''
how how how? i nid find ways to backup my sms first, but if really cant.....then.....

shud 安慰自己 ~~ 旧的不去,新的不会来

now my phone sudd will come out a msg say " phone memory full, please delete bla bla bla" -.- i oso fei si choi it liao, leave it thr.. dun wan touch o choi it jor ... who ask it so bad.. hohoho