Friday, November 5, 2010

Batu Caves Trip ^^

Batu Caves, never go before, coz actually duno go there for wat oso hahaha..
so.. yesterday 1st time went thr lah, n luckily not many ppl ceh.. if not, more hot..
and i tot the stairs is beeerrrry long one, see from far, looks like berrry long geh, but when walk up time, feels quite fast reach oso.. just tired ceh haha

Batu Caves ^^
busy eating ? XP

Aiyak, this monkey look whr?? camera here ah, not thr..aiyoo yoo

waooo, saw the stairs? SO LONG @@

haha, after half-way...

Goin to reach lah ~~

Nice nice view ^^

This pic quite funny, both oso not yet ready..

Quite tired after walk those stairs @@ but fun oso,hahaha..