Wednesday, November 10, 2010

nice place ~~ Moe De Cafe ★

you love comics? you love manga? you love to EAT n DRINK XD? you love ..... NICE FEEL? then you should go to Moe De Cafe ^^

Today went for lunch at Moe De Cafe @ Sunway Giza ^^ yaya,its Sunway Giza again, 2nd time liao.. duno why, but go thr feel like try try new things,hoho ~~~~~

the menu n i eat the 'set lunch'

waooo, really many comics let you HK n Japanese geh XP can slowly read all..

Inside geh view~~ nice feel boh? haha

hahaha,tis is the comic i took n read ^^ actually, i chose tis oso bcoz the COVER kap yan dou me ceh @@ colourful cover, haha.. i lazy find more, so simply take 1 ~~

my lunchie ^^ nissin noodle n ham...

tis one stole from other blog geh.. outside geh view ^^ at nite sure nice and many ppl..

After walk awhile, then go to E @ Curve see see XP coz no place can shop jor..haha..go whr? go da gei again lah ^^ race race n play play..then go yam cha @ Kluang Station.. then go see dog dog.. then back home @@ today geh activities quite many ~~ enjoy myself too ^^ will visit dat NICE cafe again XD yeah ~