Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nightmare?? not really...or is it??

FIRST NIGHTMARE : I and him, with one other guy planned on going to Pavilion this friday to watch a movie ( Confession Of A Shopaholic ) a few days ago. But since that he's moody and stressed out yesterday, i'm afraid to ask him whether he confirm to go or not. I kept my mouth shut till this afternoon, i finally confront him with this:
Me: Hey cedric ( his name ), are you confirmed that we can go out for a movie this friday?
Cedric: Well,yeah, what makes you say that?
Me: I thought u are busy or something..since i never heard anything from you..
Cedric: whats make you say that?
Me, blur: just,are we going?
Cedric: yeah,of course. i thought you've planned everything. so,have u plan about the transport? ( He said he will fetch me from Cheras Lrt Station. He said that earlier. I think he doesn't know how to go to BTS station..its ok..)
Me: Sure,i'll wait you there then.

**End of dialogue and both doing their work afterwards**

> Conclusion: Sometimes, guys are so forgetful? or pretending to know nothing? so,we,as gurls should remind them just in case they forgot.. <

SECOND NIGHTMARE: guys,you know what i heard today? i overheard when he's talking on the phone..i heard somthing like 'hey honey..bla bla bla.. i was shocked and curious about that. I didnt dare to ask anything,that will be INSANE. just hope for the best that i heard the wrong thing!


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