Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Ordinary day....

well,today..hmm, there's nothing special that happen between us. Normal conversation,thats all. I've seen his profile and i saw some pictures of him with some 'girl-friends'. I'm not really very jealous, but i can feel there is a some sort of gap between us. What i mean,is like,who am i? i'm just an ordinary girl which he met for about a month plus. I'm trying not to think that way. Usually a good guy who has a lot of admirers, is pretty risky. and the MAIN POINT is, i dont even know whether he got gf or not. I dont want to aim high,or i will fall down even worse. So,just let it be. Better to know the answer, so i know that i wont have any hope in YOU anymore.. ** Pics of him in next post **