Friday, April 3, 2009

Falling in love.............gosh!!

whoah...look at the title guys! Falling in love....well,its obvious. Wanna know who's 'him'? He's one my colleague at my work place. Kinda cute,caring,sweet and really a right person to speak to when you're falling..He gave me a lot of advices before this. Its just about a month plus we knew each other,but i felt that we already met a very long time ago. There's something about him that really attract me, he's a good person. Its hard to find someone that nice. And he could be the first one i thought so. We had so many things in common, thats UNBELIEVABLE!! we almost have the same tastes in every way. I felt so happy with him, because he made me smile and laugh everyday! We had so much fun. oh,btw,we just went to Pavilion last 2 days..for our Pastamania..with one more guy fren. To make it simple,i'm going out with 2 guys! Its pretty awkward,but i dont feel like it. We walked back to our building while enjoying our sight-seeing around KL, near Lot 10 there,which is a tourist attraction. Feel time passed by very fast with him.. the conclusion is,i fell in love with him.........OMG! haha.. wanna know more? next post...