Saturday, April 11, 2009

Awesome day....Awkward Night....

10 March 2009 10.30am, aka Awesome Day..

Today is the day i went out with my two guy colleagues to 1U. 'He' fetch us in LRT station. We listened to Mamma Mia soundtrack and it feels good, especially when he's beside me. We reached there and go to GSC cinema to buy our tickets, Confession Of Shopaholic. Its only rm8, not bad. We went for lunch at Vietnam Kitchen afterwards. The foods is good. We talk, share and gossip. haha..then,we went around the mall for a while before we head to cinema. The movie is pretty good. Nice plot and good moral values! i really learn something from it. i give it a A++. LOL. After the movie, we went to The Curve & Ikano Power Centre. We are really SHOPAHOLICS! We go to 'The Street' and look for good food..but since that its almost 5pm, we dont feel like drinking. So, we went to Ikano where 'he' went for a hair cut at Michael Poh, while i and another guy went to Pet Shop. Then, we had a drink at Kluang Station. 'He' still not done yet. So, we went to Borders. Its almost 5.45pm, we went to look for him. He finally done with his new look/hair cut. Hmm, more better than before. Of course,it cost him rm40!!! thats, well, insane!! We went back home, as its almost 6pm. The way he drive is more like fast, but stable. Guess what?? its SO JAM outside. well,6pm is kinda the time where EVERYONE rush home. so,be patient!! i cant believe that i went out from 10am-6pm. its like a tiring and bored,but with him, i feel that its worth it.

10 March 2009, 6.30pm aka Awkward Night..

Its really jam out there. 'He' has become impatient and try to be fast. He received call from his best friend. The guy who followed us want to get down at Hang Tuah station, so that he can go to gym. So,'he' dropped him near Hang Tuah station. Its raining. I saw his 'girl' friend standing there..i was like, OMG. This is AWKWARD!!! Then,the guy get out and later the girl get in. We greeted each other, and introduce ourself. Its always good to make new friends, but not the way i'm doing! not infront of him or his friend!! its AWKWARD. since she got in the car,i just keep my mouth shut. Till 'he' asked me where do i live and how to get there. Seriously, my mood is not with him anymore. something is really wrong. i feel so...left out when he's with her 'girl' friend.