Sunday, April 5, 2009!!!

Hello news! haha..i might be going to Port Dickson next sat and sun. Its actually a team outing at my work place. I'm still thinking whether i should go or not. I have no girl partner! Hmm,the guy i like will go for sure. He gave me some advices and also trying to convince me to go. But,hey, i dont have any 'girl friends' that's pretty close to me! I dont really like to stay with a STRANGER! But,i cant find any better reason not to go, as i dont have to pay a cent. I dont want to miss this outing, or,simply say,i dont want to miss the chance to be with him, even closer.. i got a lot of crazy imagination with him in Port Dickson.. dunno why. I just dont want to miss that! urghh!!! please give me some idea!!