Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gamble? Mahjong? Its FUN ^^ wahahohe

Today, so happy also. haha, around 2.15pm went to Tommy's new house at Puchong, bandar puteri there. Yin, KK, tommy, ellip & Nic reached there first, thn me ah gor & ernest oni reached. haha, we not sure how to go there, but finally reached oso. hahaha.. ^^.. Reached there oso around 3.30pm.. Wah, today got play gamble & mahjong. I duno how to play, but i want and can learn geh..hoho.. First, tommy me yin KK ah gor ellip ernest & nic play gamble first. First first, i didnt play bcoz i still learning from ah gor, thn later, omg, start play money. N, i oni play rm0.50. ok mah..still learning..hehe ^^.. play dou so fun le.. while drink Shandy.. wow.. so enjoy. Gt play rm0.50 n rm1, but i play more rm0.50. I dun wan lost so many $$..haha, win more lose less mah.. lik dat oni gooood ^^ at beginning, me quite lucky geh.. win quite a lot.. haha, maybe beginning is lik dat, but then later, me quite cham oso >< .. Thn, later ah sum oso reached n joined us. We all play together. Thn later, KK ernest & ah sum go play mahjong, and the rest play gamble. Everyone play dou so excited & happy. So nice ^^.. me & yin each rm0.50. hoho, duno why, when ah gor become 'cong' time, me yin & ellip lose a lot =='''.. really neh, when tommy become 'cong' time,we not so cham geh le, win quite a lot tim ><.. swt.. so better let tommy become 'cong', let him bankrupt.. wahahaha.. like to see when tommy's money become less less less... A lot funny thing happened today.. especially ellip talking to the 'fat choi mao'.. haha ^^
- haha, this pic so funny le? Yin ah yin, why playing with the snacks? haha -

so, around 6pm, everyone back home. Nic nid go home before 7pm, ellip & ah sum oso. So we all plan to go Yin's house at 8pm. And i go home dinner first.. ah gor oso.. Ellip ernest & tommy go eat steamboat dinner.. thn around 815pm ah gor came fetch me, but plan changed. Yin & esther went for dinner with esther's family, so cnnt go her house first. So, we all go to Ernest's house wait for yin them. Around 8.50pm, everyone reached lah. We play mahjong n gamble again.. omg, i really play dou sheung yan jor... cham lo.. rm0.50 again.. this time, play with ernest's sis, she so funny le.. fun playing with her ^^.. Play play play till 9.50pm, i gotta go home jor. I nid back home before 10pm, house gt guests neh..><.. so, cnnt play jor. I still wanna play le, haha..maybe next mon can play again gua... after study.. ^^ hehe.. So i back home luu... Then, ernest ellip ah gor tommy went to yin's house for gamble + mahjong again..haha.. sad neh, cnnt join them..sobs sobs..esther got tim.. nvm nvm, sure gt next time geh ^^ now i'm waiting again..GAMBLE GAMBLE mon.. hoho ^^ come come come..