Friday, February 12, 2010


Chinese New Year almost here! A bit excited le, for ang pao. hmm, hope can get a lot $$$ this year ^^.. Tml will eat tuen yuen fan, will get ang pao. And first day of CNY, go "bai nin" oso will get ang pao. haha, later go frens's house, oso will get ang pao. wao ^^ .. hehe, so here, i wish everyone a happy + wonderful + properous + unforgettable CNY with family & friends. N also to those who balik kampung geh ( lemon didi, nikki, cailyn, .... , eh..i forgot who got balik jor, psps. haha ^^ ), wish you all safe journey o ^^.. To all my lovely friends, here wish you all 新年快乐,万事如意,身体健康,笑口常开,虎年行好运 .. ^^

New Year means new beginnig .. everyone enjoy ya.. ^^

~ 大日子 一个好开始每一步 有梦有坚持 这条路 只要有付出 走一步 每一步 不怕输 ~

haha, this one random add only ^^.. hehe