Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shopping Shopping Day ^^

haha...today really really happy. erm, i think i better write in English coz more faster. If chinese, scared will take a longer time to post.. ^^.. and i too happy liao, dun wan waste time. hahahahaha.. So straight away write bah. Erm erm... how to start le.. today, me, lemon didi, ah gor, tommy & Melissa C go shopping shopping at 1 Utama ^^ Ah gor & lemon didi go breakfast sin, then oni come fetch me coz i eat at home. Thn thn, we macam take the wrong road to 1 Utama, so nid to U-turn. hahaha. we reached 1U around 11.55am. Reached le, we all shopping first. In Parkson, the shop all dark dark geh, macam not yet open, quite scary, but lemon didi macam more scared than me. LOL ^^.. walk walk walk, then meet with Tommy + Melissa C. Then we go Drangon-I for lunch. We ate Siu Long Bao, and ramen. Nice le, we sit at the table macam 1 family. this one is Tommy say geh. hahahaha. After lunch, its time for....................... SHOPPING!! We went to a lot shops. Let me tell you 1 by 1. Erm, first, we all went to Padini Authentic ( me & tommy geh fav ^^ ). There, lemon didi bought shorts, Melissa C and me bought clothes. All thanks to Melissa C, coz she chose it for me geh. New style ^^.. rm49, okoklah, not very expensive mah .. Later, we went to Converse store, Tommy n Melissa bought shoes. rm119 ++, haha. i saw 1 nice nice geh, gt star geh tim..but i no money le, if buy that one. swttt ><'''.. Thn, walk walk walk.. Me, lemon didi & tommy oso start tired liao. Find place to sit. haha.. so funny. Lemon didi wanna buy shirt, so Melissa help him find find. She gt good taste mah. Find le so many places, still cant find. So, me, tommy & ah gor go to Chocolate Lounge for coffee. hehehe,so comfortable, finally can rest rest luuu ^^. what we ordered? hahaha.. see the pictures lah..

This is mine geh la.. capuccino (rm 8.90), yummy yummy ^^.. delicious..haha

Tommy geh honeydew tea ( rm9.90 )

Tommy with his honeydew tea ^^ hahaha

Ah gor geh latte, got love shape geh.. swt.

Nice le... so nice geh place + so nice geh drink = PERFECT. especially after so long shopping n walk walk, finally can sit down n relax. Me + tommy + ah gor chat chat, and a lot funny things come out ^^.. Why lemon didi n Melissa not with us? hahaha,they said will join later geh,bcoz they went to find lemon didi geh shirt bah. But after 30 mins no see them come, so tommy call them... swttttttttttt ==''', they shop till LG floor liao. omgosh..no wonder no join us lah, busy shopping o ><..hahaha.. we all continue for 30 mins oni go find them... Melissa also nid buy shirts for her bro. Shop awhile, we all balik luu ^^. lemon didi wanna buy breadstory, so we went thr first. And when we pass by a shop, haha.. saw tommy n melissa thr. so we go see see. Around 6pm ++, done lah. All balik ^^.. Wah, going back time, everywhere jam like hell. OMG >< .. i reached home also around 7++ .. ^^ .. but i really happy today ^^ my CNY shopping haha.. hope can shopping again like tis .. soon.. ^^