Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Sims 3 ^^

After a long time, addicted to play Sims 3 again .. lolz @@
since the original one play dou sienz jor, so look for expansion packs.. XP
got so many... Ambition, Late Night, World Adventure.. more new geh coming soon.. omg!
i prefer Late Night, coz can bring my sims go clubbing..hehe
World Adventure is can travel around the world, a few country la..
hmm.. sudd feel wanna buy all n play.. >< but too bad, i not so rich yet, can buy all..haha

Tis one i think is The Sims 3 Fast Lane.. all nice cars want to buy it..^^

So yeng..the car so cool~~~man..hahaha

so cute geh bike..tis is in Paris ^^

If i can buy all n play, i really will be so addicted liao.. so conclusion, i better dun buy all la..

If not later, really keep sims-ing ~~~ XD