Friday, May 20, 2011

★ cupcakes n cakes..★

wakaka..XD who wanna eat "Iphone" ?

tis is is superb cute liao..>.< i gt a bit mm seh dak eat..hehe

Mickey Mickey.. ^^

picnic? wow, so beautiful.. sure hard to make geh.. even the biscuit n cup so small oso can make dou @@ geng ~~

Mario oso got wor..cute cute cutie neh

will you seh dak eat those cupcakes? LOL

tis one so "SWEET".. i think most gals will like tis one.. so those boy out there, wanna 'lam' gal geh wah, i suggest you all send tis la ^^

lately saw quite many cute cute cupcakes, i will buy n try 1 day geh..wait me ooo ♥^^♥