Saturday, May 7, 2011

fast five ^^

the day has come.... the day i've been waiting for.....

went to watch FAST & FURIOUS 5 aka FAST FIVE ^^

i think many ppl wanna watch tis mv, coz at the cinema, i saw many ppl oso waiting to watch tis mv punya..when can in to cinema's hall time, so many ppl went in @@ omg

actually, i no watch any FNF series before.. but duno why when FNF 5 come out, i will be so excited

n when i watched the trailer time, really nt bad at all..hahaha pretty cool

tis is the official poster i think.. all look so yeng.. XP like it ♥

and tis one look not bad oso.. like like ^^

the first guy, when i watching time actually look quite familiar .. @@ but cant say who's dat..n when at the end time, when showing all the cast name i saw his name, then i straight noe

He is Ludacris, one of the rapper in Baby's song.. cant believe he act oso wor~~ not bad..

and the last guy, is funny watch you noe..wahahaha

n in tis mv, i noe dat Vin Diesel n The Rock is actually almost same height ^^ i like both of them.. now i can call him "the Rock 2".. why?? haha, coz they both oso gt nice muscle, almost same height n both oso botak in tis mv >.< ..lolz yeng ah


hoho, is tis bad or good guy? you watch you'll noe..cant tell much..wahaha

Vin Diesel.. i like him.. ^^ yeng n handsome..

i like tis sport car~~man.. blackie cool overall, i gave full stars rating for tis mv.. ★★★★★★★★.. ∞

i think they will be FNF 6, so i definetely watch it.. haha

aftr watch tis mv, keep dreaming abt nice sport cars XD wonder if can i own any of em *dreaming*

gals drive sport cars very yeng.. ^^ hoho *dreaming again...*

today just done watched FNF 4..noe abit the story line liao.. now waiting FNF 1 at Astro ^^ yeahh yeahh