Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holiday holiday ^^

Today went holiday at Cyberview Lodge Resort n Spa, Cyberjaya. Just stay 1 night oni, because mama got free voucher .. ^^ this place i went before, its long time ago jor, when i'm a kid, i think around 9 yrs old. Miss this place ^^ lolz.. tis time le, we stayed at Junior Suite lah, not bad le.. wah, inside so nice. Here are some pics for you all see see lah..

This is the living room =)

The little kitchen

Haha, this is the pc

The another TV, in mama's room geh

This is mama's room lah xD


Inside toilet

Ta da... this is my room yeah, only MINE xP

Got hot chocolate and coffee .. nice nice

Swimming pool, beautiful ^^

My coffee for tea time today..

A beautiful garden near our suite ^^

Thats all for today lah.. haha, happy happy =) update update soon...