Friday, September 17, 2010

1 syok day... ^_^

Hohoho, why so syok le? Its because i watched le 2 syok mvs lah, and in 1 day tim ^^.. really damn syok..
1st mv is..... Piranha xD

wahhh..dun eat me dun eat me xD tis mv, all i can say, is syok + wat dak + scare you geh .. really 3 in 1.. so if you wan syok syok, see wat dak things, and let something scare har you, SHUD watch tis mv.. tis mv really not bad at all, i like it xP eventhough scare me many times, but i duno why, recently, 不怕的,不看.. hohoho.. weird le? i noe i noe.. luckily not watch 3D geh jek, if not, @@ i cant imagine wat will happen oso .. oh ya, got many sexy girls too ^^

2nd mv is........... Resident Evil 4 : Afterlife

many people oso said tis mv nice.. so i give it a try, since many ppl said nice, then sure nice geh. I no watch resident evil 1,2 and 3, then terus jump to 4, geng lo.. hahaha .. rupanya, really damn yeng n nice le.. got zombie geh, i like it.. but i dun like it when sudd come out n scare me..xP the woman oso yeng le, when kill zombie time, and got leng zai tim.. the effect oso nice ^^ as the conclusion le, tis 2 mvs nice nice ^^ i still got mvs wanna watch geh, Step Up 3, King of Fighters, Devil and Revenge of Cobra.. Step Up 3, i still curious wanna watch, many ppl said nice, but not 3D geh lah. King of Fighters, got leng lui n sexy Maggie Q and action mv, Devil & Revenge of Cobra is horror geh.. if ask me choose 1 to watch, really hard le, coz all oso not bad le.. n i quite 贪心 geh, hohoho ..

now is HOLIDAY MOOD ^^ hehe, exam coming soon lo..but duno why, mood not fix.. just noe, now holiday, shud enjoy sin.. but shud start study geh lah, always got time for fun and study mah xD hehe

if i got watch any nice mv again, will post here ya ^_^