Tuesday, March 16, 2010

saddddd TT

Haiz.. why sad? Some of you noe lah.. Allergic on my face TT .. So, red red n a bit gatal geh tim.. Sat,when i woke up in the morning, still not so red, just a bit gatal. Tot later will ok geh. But noon and nite time, start become more red n gatal.. >< .. So, on Sun, go see normal geh doctor, give some med n cream. Apply jor, but on Mon, still macam same TT... argh...! Why tis happen on the first day of Sem 3 and skul time le?? Yesterday, i oso no join for lunch, in my heart, i really wan join, but 自己知自己事.. so i back home early lah.. But i really cant tahan anymore, i wan to become normal back ASAP~ i really 没有面见人 TT.. i dun wan ah!! so today i went to see skin specialist, wait for almost 4-5 hours.. so many ppl neh.. the doctor oso said allergic. Gave me some pills ( got 1 type nid eat 10 pills today == ), and cream. Hopefully this can help me. Nn, i oso nid to fast fast recover for 1 occasion le.. (haha)