Friday, June 12, 2009

last day.....


I'm going to remember this date. The day i left my first company. When the first day i came in, i'm glad that i got in. Bcoz this is good opportunity to explore working environment and new beginning, so-called la.. At first, a bit nervous. Thought of cruel manager or some weird ppl around me. But later,i found out that i was actually surrounded by a lot of IT ppl, good colleagues ( including him ) and nice working place. Seriously,i learnt a lot from my job. Responsibility ( meet my target of job everyday ), punctuality ( must reach the office by 8am. but usually i reached the off at 7.45am. For this company,attendance and puntuality is damn important.), team work ( work together as a team. win together lose together,team mates) disipline ( must know how to handle ur job well and even a small mistake,u will get some lessons from ur manager ) and the most important is, i've learnt some basic rules and blah blah about work and that makes me easier when i REALLY work in the future. A good exposure always brings out a better ME in the future. haha. Btw,i learnt some facts about IT too. More to computers. Got friends there so if there's any problems with my computer at home, i will definetely call him! lol. And..i got to learn some Australian accent too. Now,i know how to speak the way that Australian and New Zealander speak.

MORNINIG : I went to work as usual today. Turning on my comp, surfing the net for like 45 mins as 'warm-up', and start to check my daily worksheets. Then,start my jobs normally. I took a few pics just for fun. haha. nothing to do right?

NOON: Lunch time? last night,i planned to go lunch with the whole team,kinda like farewell la. But later today,i feels like not going out with them. I dont want to let them know today is my last day, ESPECIALLY HIM! seriously,i dont need any farewell,i just wanna left this place peacefully. Its ok if no one knows rather than the whole team knows about it. I prefer that way. Guess i cant forget the day i left HIM like this,without revealing the truth! or even a goodbye. i dont want to say goodbye to him, bcoz i cant take it. So,dont blame me for not telling you, Cedric.

5.00pm: Gosh,my most memorable moment at Datacom. I felt sad and at the time nervous. Its been almost 6 months with the company. Gosh.. I gave one of my friend some pens la,bcoz i dun wan to keep them. And he said 'Eh,sourvenir ah? oh,today your last day right?. I was like, SHIT, like that also u know? i just give u some pens. Then, Cedric overheard wat i said and look at me. I never look at him and pretend to talk with my fren. Then the whole team knows it. They ask 'oh,today your last day ah?, and then, Cedric asked 'today your last day? i thought it's next week?'. In a very happy way,i answered 'no la,today is my last day.'. I started to exchange hp no with other frens. Its so sad to left them. Didnt cry la, just handshake with them. My hand is cold and shaking. Talk for about 10 mins and packing up my stuff. Say goodbye is really hard. Especially to him. So,i wave goodbye and head to the door. All of them wave at me and said goodbye. Haha. thats it.

P.S: Will upload some pics later on.

University is my next stop