Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spirited Away

today suddenly saw Astro got show this movie.. so i watch this movie during breakfast ^^
i watched this movie before when i small time.. but that time is cantonese version la..
this movie really nice one.. even tho the "spirits" n "monsters" a bit weird XP

aww..Haku <3 i love yeng

Chihiro & Haku

this monster so weird.. keep follow her..

this moment make me wanna cry T.T

i love Haku as dragon oso.. like like like

and dat 2 cuties made me smile.. cutie..n noob har noob har XD hehe

this is the GOOD granny.. i feel she quite horrible too.. too big like a giant..hahaha

Thursday, January 19, 2012

a little thought..

Don't hate too much and forget the pain..
this sounds difficult or probably IMPOSSIBLE for someone..
but why do you still HATE? whats the point? no point of hate anymore..
it only makes you feel hard to carry on yr life..
its yr life anyway.. so why dun make it happier? it deserve to be happy..
try to put the burden down.. if its too heavy, ask someone to help you too ^^

im glad things happen the wrong way at the beginning..though it take some hard times to make it through, but.. its kinda worth it..

Sunday, December 25, 2011

something cute to be share ^^

For xmas eve, went for dinner at Bangsar Village ^^
since everywhere oso crowded and full of ppl, so decide to go a secret place for dinner XD
then saw the display of Legoland again..haha..i tot is the SAME DISPLAY lik last year, but luckily its not..
FYI: Legoland will open in Johor end of 2012..^^ yes, its a theme park..

here is some cute n pretty pics to share:

soldiers and horses^^ ready for war..n fight fight fight

so nice rite? the feel is like ancient China.. kung fu...haha err 少林?

then gt many type of houses too.. tis one is normal la

tis one oso normal.. haha

so romantic worrr....

gt garden one ^^

cute car

house by the beach..XP

spaceship? weird hse..haha

pizza shop? @@

country house..

jungle hse? haha

ancient house..

modern hse..haha so nice.. bt too plain ady

whew... sport car..^^ "bin..bin.."

tis one..i nt sure wat is tis oso @@ bt looks really nice..haha

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Breaking Dawn movie marathon..^^

ta daaa~~~

first time watch the same movie for 4 times!!
lol.. until now the dialogue oso can rmbr liao XD
but too bad, tis movie cut liao 4 parts geh.. saddddd =(
hope to get uncut version in DVD..haha


Sunday, October 30, 2011

'faint faint'....@@

wowowowowowow.. saw at fb some new pics of 林峰.. @@
its a photoshoot and for magazine geh.. yeng man! ^^

tis one ah..feel a bit weird cute!

tis one oso cute and handsome ^^

but but but....

i love tis one~~!! he looks super cute and handsome weh.. omg.. he gt a bit look like 方力申 tim ^^ weee..

tis one i 2nd love..hehe handsome handsome man ^^

Thursday, October 27, 2011

MINI ear cap ^^

when walk walk pm yday, saw tis cutie things dat make me feel so interested ^^

MINI EAR CAP (so cute rite? =P)
got cookies cute weh..hehe

still got many patterns one..too many to choose from >.<

tis one is in my TOP LIST ^^ purple donut i think? not so sure oso..
hehe if i got many $$, i sure buy 2-3 geh.. but... each one cost rm6 @@ if buy, oso buy 1 only ..hehe but i haven buy it..nid consider.. coz when put it in my phone, i scare i will lost the cookies since it will stick out from the phone.. haha but i really wanna own one..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

mv mv mv..

Recently watch 2 movies..hoho
the first 白蛇传说 ^^
the reason i watch tis mv is bcoz of 林峰 actually..^^ hehe

eve huang play the white snake..and jet li is something like master 'wo sheung'.. jet li wants to kill her one @@

tis SORCERESS only appear at the beginning..then duno gone whr liao ==

white snake and green snake..haha

hehe..林峰 is a poor boy dat fell in love wit white snake aftr she saved his life..but too bad, he duno she is white snake..when he noe time, really sadd..

at the end, 林峰 forgot everything liao.. so the white snake is sad and try to make him rmbr everything..but too bad, when he rmbr her bc, jet li ady "sao" the white snake into a temple..dat moment is really sad n touching T.T.. gals nid to ready many tissues ya
the song in tis mv is really touching..called 许诺.. tis movie oso gt something can learn..
if jet li dun be too stuborn, things wun get worst..
if the white snake dun too "kin qi" and keep wanna fight wit jet li, things are better.. but if like dat, he nid to let 林峰 go.. sobss..


lol..cant believe i will watch so classic geh mv >.<
seriously, not my type of movie..but aftr watched it, seems nt bad bah..

Orlando Broom's look quite yeng.. haha he's a bad person

tis guy (Logan Lerman) is the reason i start to feel interest in tis mv one.. watch watch har, see dou him..sudd gt feel wanna watch liao..before dat is quite bored coz i duno all those actors -.- luckily he "saved" me..^^ he is one handsome boy..looks and sounds like zac! he's the 4th musketeer la

seriously, besides orlando broom and logan lerman, others actors and actress i really duno one..swtttt

the next movie im waiting for:

Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn.. aww..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

❥ my sweeet 20th birthday ❤

This post will write about how i celebrate my birthday's eve and birthday ^^ hehe

6 Sept 2011
Mid Valley

First first, went to Starbucks for coffee time.. ^^

❥ caramel macchiato..

aftr that, walk walk walk.. and its time to go for dinner la..
went to Chilis Grill & Bar ^^

❥ yummy lamb shoulder and fish steak..weee heee

after dinner, whats next? beer time of coz.. ^^
went to The Social at Bangsar for a nice cocktail..hehe

❥ since here dun have "Sex on the Beach", i chose to try new things la.. "X-rated on the Beach" XP not bad..really nice ^^

ehem ehem, let me introduce him to you all first ^^ he is Little Panda ^^

hehe ^^

7 Sept 2011
1 Utama

went to sing k @ Neway, 1 Utama la..

while waiting for others to reach time.. ^^

❥ hehe, thank you both Esther sweetie and Mimi Zai.. i like it ^^

tis is really a surprise for me.. thanks to all of you..muackzz ❤

❥ thank you so much my sweeties and lovely classmates for giving me surprises and gave me an unforgettable birthday.. love you all so much.. muackss ^^

aftr sing k, our next stop is Big Apple..^^ since Esther is hungry.. XP

Next next, went to Sunway Giza for dinner and beer time^^

❥ Ichiban Boshi..nice ramen and sushi here ^^

❥ seaweed ramen..slurppp

❥ softcrab handroll..nice nice ^^

beer The Beer Factory ^^

ordered a tower of Heineken.. but no much pics at here.. so dark @@

okay.. thats the end of my post la.. I had a wonderful and memorable birthday this year ^^ thanks to all of you that had wished me and celebrated my birthday with me ❤