Sunday, December 25, 2011

something cute to be share ^^

For xmas eve, went for dinner at Bangsar Village ^^
since everywhere oso crowded and full of ppl, so decide to go a secret place for dinner XD
then saw the display of Legoland again..haha..i tot is the SAME DISPLAY lik last year, but luckily its not..
FYI: Legoland will open in Johor end of 2012..^^ yes, its a theme park..

here is some cute n pretty pics to share:

soldiers and horses^^ ready for war..n fight fight fight

so nice rite? the feel is like ancient China.. kung fu...haha err 少林?

then gt many type of houses too.. tis one is normal la

tis one oso normal.. haha

so romantic worrr....

gt garden one ^^

cute car

house by the beach..XP

spaceship? weird hse..haha

pizza shop? @@

country house..

jungle hse? haha

ancient house..

modern hse..haha so nice.. bt too plain ady

whew... sport car..^^ "bin..bin.."

tis one..i nt sure wat is tis oso @@ bt looks really nice..haha